Billy Ray on the Importance of Project Involve

Writer/director and longtime mentor Billy Ray (The Hunger Games, Shattered Glass) shared his thoughts with us on the importance of a program like Project Involve to help foster new talent in today’s changing entertainment industry — especially when it comes to intimate, personal storytelling on film.

“Would a studio make [Ordinary People] today? No way. A movie like that would have to come out of the independent world; that’s why Project Involve exists.”

On Lending a Helping Hand

“I know when I was on my way up, people helped me. I shudder to think now of how many drafts of how many scripts I asked people to read, and they never said no. And the only way you can pay that back is to help the next generation that comes up behind you. If you’re with people who just want to do good work, you want to do everything you can to facilitate that because I don’t want to be in a world where people are out there making bad movies, I want to do what I can to make sure great work is out there, and it’s watered and celebrated and ultimately, gets on your screen.”

The Spectacle of Studio Films

“We’re becoming a carnival. I think movies have become so big because technology’s allowed them to be enormous – there’s really no limit to what you can show on film now because you can create any image you want inside a computer. I think audiences are now getting bored, because we can’t dazzle them anymore with an image, they’ve seen every image there is to see and know that the images we’re throwing at them are fake. So, my hope is that the movies will become more personal and smarter, more relatable and human. I don’t know that the studios are designed to create those anymore. But I know that Project Involve is designed to inspire that kind of work.”

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