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Film Independent fellow Angela Salamanca, Project Involve 2008, is  very real and embarking on a very real Kickstarter campaign. It’s the project for which she is raising funds that I have questions about.  Ask just about anyone what Transmedia is and you’ll get an empty stare coming back at you as they try to give you their best non answer.  Angela, however is a smart cookie that knows her stuff.  She not only schooled me on Transmedia – she also gave me the skinny on something called, Alternate Reality Gaming. Oh boy… here we go!


You’re doing this project with Transmedia LA – what exactly is Transmedia LA?
Transmedia LA is a local group of people that get together about once or twice a month to talk about ways to make entertainment more unique, cool and unexpected. We are passionate about working in Transmedia, and we keep a tight network of connections with the Transmedia community around the world. Our group is very diverse. Local membership has reached 460 members and all of us come from different backgrounds including film, TV, gaming and tech.


Ok, let’s take a step back – what is Transmedia?
To put it in layman’s terms, Transmedia is a way to tell stories across multiple platforms. There are many ways to go about it, but mostly it is a type of movement towards a more immersive and interactive entertainment. With all of the technology convergence that’s been happening in the last few years, it just seems fitting that Transmedia strategies would emerge as the new innovative way to reach out to audiences and fandom.


You are a Film Independent Fellow, Project Involve – 2008, how did your education and time at Film Independent prepare you for working with Transmedia LA and your current project?

The thing about Transmedia is that when you work with multiple platforms you must have some knowledge of the different platforms you are utilizing in a project. You must have some knowledge in film production for the development of visual assets, of game mechanics if you are including gaming elements, of mobile technology if you plan to incorporate an interactive mobile app, etc.

Making the Kickstarter video

In many ways, working in Transmedia reminds me of producing an independent film. One must be able to multitask, be innovative and resourceful.
And, so with Transmedia LA you’re building a time machine?
No, no… what Rex is building is a Time Switch Machine. There is a difference!


OK, so tell us about that.  A time switch machine, an Alternate Reality Game sounds… well a little scary.
Not at all! You shouldn’t be scared. Alternate Reality Games (ARG) are the coolest things ever! All you have to do is imagine yourself immersed in an interactive story-world that is part of our reality. ARGs are a clear example of how to put Transmedia to work. That’s how when the group started talking about a tangible way to learn how to tell an interactive story across multiple platforms, we figured producing an ARG was the way to go.

ARGs are not well known in the mainstream. However, there have been some notable ARGs released recently for some mayor properties. Main examples that come to mind are: The Dark Knight, Tron, and Dexter.


You’re raising funds to create your ARG on Kickstarter, how’s it going?
Well, it’s absolutely nerve wracking! We have reached out to the Transmedia community; however we also want to reach out to other parts of the entertainment community that might want to be invested in innovation and learn more about Transmedia. We are currently hitting the slow point of our campaign, so we are promoting the best way we can to keep the buzz going. We are keeping a consistent pace in terms of pledges, but we still have a ways to go. We really hope that we get funded; this would allow for us to pay for all the expenses related to the project and have the game running this summer absolutely free.


Judging from the page there seems to be at least 40 people contributing to this project, who are all of these people?
These are all Transmedia LA members that have agreed to work on the project in some capacity. Some team members will take more of a consulting role. But we are calculating about 20 hands-on team members actively involved in the whole process.


What’s the ultimate goal for The Miracle Mile Paradox?
Part of our plan is to utilize this project as a tool to not only educate audiences but also people in entertainment about Transmedia. In addition we have come up with a plan to develop this project through a series of workshops designed to break down the production process step by step. We are planning to have an account of the project’s progress on our main site, so that this can be an educational experience not only for our local group, but also the Transmedia community around the world.



Well, good luck, and we’ll be seeing you in an alternate reality soon!


You can find out more about Transmedia LA at their website, and check out their Kickstarter campaign here.  They have 11 days to go and just under $5000 to raise – and that’s a real reality.  Check it out!


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