short fix: Foolishly Seeking True Love

20 Years of Project Involve: short by Jarrett Lee Conaway

In this week’s short fix, Handsome and Belle just might fall in love, if fate doesn’t get in the way first. Foolishly Seeking True Love is a romantic comedy in which writer/director Jarrett Lee Conaway explores the trenches of dating life and its missed opportunities while scurrying through the vast terrain of Los Angeles. It was made in partnership with Vanity Fair and Banana Republic as part of the Project Involve Shorts Program; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind executive producer Georges Bermann saw the film and quickly signed Jarrett to his commercial & music video company Partizan as a director.

Jarrett Lee Conaway is an award winning director represented by William Morris Endeavor Agency and Archetype Management. Recently, Jarrett directed the 2nd season of the horror comedy Bite Me for Lionsgate. The series aired on the FEARNet cable channel and on Machinima, YouTube’s most successful channel, where it has over 25 million views. Bite Me follows three friends who use their knowledge of video games to become zombie-fighting heroes in a quarantined Los Angeles.

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