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SPIRIT AWARDS SPOTLIGHT – First-Time Directors on Confidence and Compromise (2/10/2014)

What’s the most exciting thing about being nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award? What’s amazing about it is that a small indie film like mine can be seen and appreciated on similar footing as much bigger movies. And it’s wonderful to get out of […]


Check Out Chideo: It’s a Cool Idea for a Good Cause (9/17/2013)

Over the past few months Film Independent has been working on a few exciting and important projects with the United Nations and UCLA’s Burkle Global Impact Initiative, which aims to activate the entertainment industry to engage more deeply and effectively with global policy, humanitarian and […]


A New Live Read Season = A New Batch of Cool Posters (9/11/2013)

So much of the excitement surrounding the Live Read series stems from the mystery of it all. As soon as Jason Reitman finally reveals which iconic film he’s chosen next, the buzz spreads across the office. Then we can’t wait for Jason’s tweets naming each […]


Three Reasons We Love Afternoon Delight — And You Will Too (8/30/2013)

Afternoon Delight hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles today, and we’re thrilled to see Writer/Director Jill Soloway and Producer Sebastian Dungan riding a big, fat wave of success. As long-time fans of the film about an upper-middle class mom (Kathryn Hahn) who decides […]


How Case Studies Can Change Your Life — Or At Least Make You a Smarter Filmmaker (8/27/2013)

Case studies make for a great, up-to-date textbook on filmmaking. They’re detailed analyses of filmmakers’ current practices for financing, producing and distributing their films. And they’re a valuable part of our annual Filmmaker Forum (October 25-27, 2013) education conference, which starts pre-sale to Members today. […]


Want to Get Your Film Into Sundance? The Festival’s Programmers Reveal Secrets to Successful Submissions (8/22/2013)

Submitting to festivals can be a daunting process—especially when you’re aiming at the internationally renowned Sundance Film Festival, which received 12,000 submissions last year vying for a select number of coveted slots. With this year’s deadlines fast approaching (August 26 for shorts; August 30 for […]

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FIND Answers with Entertainment Attorney Lisa Callif (8/13/2013)

Lisa Callif, named by Variety as one of The Best and The Brightest (2011), is an entertainment attorney at Donaldson + Callif whose primary focus is on representing independent filmmakers in all aspects of moviemaking, including development, production and distribution. As part of her practice, […]


How The Act of Killing is a Game-Changer for Indie Docs (8/05/2013)

Joshua Oppenheimer’s brilliant and disturbing genocide documentary, The Act of Killing, has taken the documentary world by storm and, as the Los Angeles Times says, “could well change how you view the documentary form.” The film explores the aftermath of Indonesia’s mass killings of an […]


Who’s Your Dream Oscar Host? (8/02/2013)

Oscar-host handicapping is no doubt a favorite past time of award-show obsessives. We lay odds on everything from Who will it be to How will she do to What will she wear to What will she joke about? While the prognosticators parsed the meaning of […]


Should Famous Filmmakers Be Crowdfunding? (8/02/2013)

First Zach Braff, now Spike Lee. Renowned filmmakers find themselves fending off haters on account of jumping on the crowdfunding bus. Spike said, “Zach caught flack, ZachFlack, so this is not a surprise at all, … I just roll with the punches and keep goin’.”  […]