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Burning Man 2012

A New Way to Get Your Film Into Theaters (7/31/2013)

After realizing that myriad films weren’t making it to the multiplex or even independent venues across the country, Austin-based producer Nicolas Gonda (Tree of Life) and marketing executive Pablo Gonzalez developed a financially risk-free solution that was a win-win for both filmmakers and theater chains. […]


Binge Viewers Unite! Or At Least Confess (We did.) (7/25/2013)

  Mad Men seasons 1-5: one week. Orange Is the New Black: 72hrs. The Killing season 1: 24 hours. —Kady Kamakate, Executive Assistant Because I have a young daughter, I possess a knowledge of Wonder Pets that can only be explained as a symptom of extreme […]

Film Independent At LACMA Presents Live Read Of "Breaking Bad" Directed By Jason Reitman

Backstage Video from the Live Read! Elvis Mitchell and Jason Reitman Talk Breaking Bad (7/24/2013)

“Thank you for the fly, the pool, the plane, the train, the flower, the bacon, the bell. Thank you.” Director Jason Reitman declared his gratitude to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan at last night’s Live Read for making a show that obsessed fans and fawning […]


Crowdfunding Gone Wild: Adam Carolla Will Hit On Your Women For a Price (7/23/2013)

Taking a cue from the recent explosion of controversial celebrity self-funding Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, such as Zach Braff’s second feature I Wish I Was Here and the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, comedian Adam Carolla is raising money for his new film Road Hard on […]

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Welcome a Son

What’s Your Favorite Film About Royals? (7/22/2013)

Bust out the popcorn and pass out the cigars. In honor of Kate and Will’s royal bundle of joy, we asked our Film Independent family to weigh in with their picks for the best-ever films about royals. The Ruling Class: Peter O’Toole kills it. Or […]


Social Media for #Filmmakers: Facebook 101 (7/22/2013)

So you’re an indie filmmaker. You’ve barely scraped enough money from your day job, your crowd-funding campaign, your parents—we won’t judge—to shoot your movie, and now you’re expected to take on yet another job title to get people to watch it? Well… yes. Welcome to […]

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Only God Forgives" Premiere

Would You Boo? (7/19/2013)

We weren’t surprised when Nicolas Winding Refn came to the Los Angeles Film Festival for the North American premiere of Only God Forgives, and gave an introduction that was as provocative as his work. (“I’m a pornographer,” he told the audience, “and I make films […]


Three Reasons We Love Fruitvale Station—And You Will Too (7/12/2013)

It’s exciting to see all the buzz building about tonight’s theatrical release of Fruitvale Station. Now the whole country gets to see what won us over when we selected it for a Gala Screening at the 2013 LA Film Fest last month. The award-winning film […]

Crystal Fairy

Three Reasons to Watch Michael Cera Get High (7/12/2013)

By Pamela Miller / Website & Grants Manager There are a lot of reasons everyone’s talking about the new Michael Cera film, Crystal Fairy, which screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival and is being released theatrically today. First off, there’s the fact that Cera, […]

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - Diversity Speaks: "New American" Indpendent Cinema

Spielberg Laments Hollywood’s Blockbuster Problem (Yes, that Spielberg) (7/11/2013)

By Lee Jameson / Film Education Coordinator Could “blockbuster mania” cause Hollywood to implode? Steven Spielberg thinks so. “You’re at the point right now,” Spielberg recently said, “where a studio would rather invest $250 million in one film for a real shot at the brass […]