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10 Indies We Love About Crazy Couples & Tragic Affairs

When it comes to celebrating our love lives, there are two types of people out there: those who look forward to the kisses, roses, chocolates and the romantic happenings of Valentine’s Day, and everyone else. But hey, at least there’s chocolate. Lots and lots of […]

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“We’re A Family”: Casting Directors on Putting the Right Actor in the Role

Think about the experience of sitting and watching a movie. What is it about that big, wonderful image that connects with you? If you’re a diehard film nerd the answer might be the film’s cinematography or its use of music. But for most audiences, chances […]

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Your Spirit Awards Cheat Sheet: Get to Know the Five Films Nominated for Best Feature

Five films, five stories, five worlds to delve into. This year, the Film Independent Spirit Awards have honored five compellingly diverse stories in the category of Best Feature—Anomalisa, Beasts of No Nation, Carol, Spotlight and Tangerine. Each of these films combined talent, cinematography, directing and […]

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How Three Colleagues Made Their Dream Project: An Interview with the Team Behind ‘All Mistakes Buried’

Today’s modern entertainment industry can seem daunting for an independent filmmaker looking to make his or her passion project. Whether it’s the freshman cinephile making their feature debut or the veteran director who’s been at it for two decades, anyone dedicated enough to stick around […]

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Directors Close-Up Recap: James Ponsoldt and Jason Segel Bring ‘The End of the Tour’s Psychic Ghost Story to the Screen

Film Independent’s 2016 Directors Close-Up series kicked off Wednesday, February 3 at the Landmark with a look under the hood of The End of the Tour—one of 2015’s most deceptively complicated indie films. The film’s 37-year-old director James Ponsoldt (Smashed, The Spectacular Now) anchored the panel, […]

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Horse Races and Ice Cream: In Praise of Awards Season

For Hollywood, January and February are typically known as “the dump months.” With summer blockbuster season not yet ramped up and the window to release award contenders closed, these gloomy late-winter weeks are the ideal spot to drop projects that the studios feel have little […]

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Ballot Fever: Spirit Awards Voting Season Enters Full Swing

By now Tuesday’s Iowa caucus is a fading memory. But soon enough, the machinery of the 2016 Presidential Election cycle will kick into high gear, inundating the front page of every newspaper and political blog with levels of mudslinging not seen since Green Day took […]

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Farm-to-Table Filmmaking: Film Independent Launches its 2016 Directing Lab

For as long as independent film has existed the idea of the fully formed filmmaker sprouting up from out of nowhere—creative vision already 100% in place—has been a seductive fantasy. In reality, great art is rarely created in a vacuum.  In many ways, fostering the […]

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Don’t-Miss Indies: What to Watch in February

All Mistakes Buried When:  Now Playing Where:  Theaters, VOD Director:  Tim McCann Starring:  Sam Trammell, Vanessa Ferlito Why We’re Excited: The desperation and despair that accompanies addiction are explored in the latest dark drama from Film Independent Spirit Award nominee Tim McCann. Since being nominated for the Someone to Watch award in […]

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Revisiting Our Favorite Directors Close-Up Moments

Film Independent’s 2016 Directors Close-Up series kicks off this Wednesday February 3, beginning five consecutive weeks of intimate panels with leading independent filmmakers talking about their art and craft. For a complete list of what to expect this year please see our announcement blog or […]