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Bad Milo! & VOD hope for Genre Indies (8/28/2013)

Tomorrow you can watch everyone’s favorite goof Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer, Party Down, Childrens Hospital, Burning Love) suffer a gastrointestinal nightmare in horror comedy Bad Milo!, which is about an ass demon. You heard right. When a creature living in Marino’s intestine is […]


SCREENSHOT: EastSiders (1/30/2013)

So you want to conquer the web, but you don’t know how? In SCREENSHOT, you’ll find stories showcasing how other filmmakers are doing their digital thing so you can learn to do it too. By Cherita Smith / Web Coordinator / @lafemmecherita What happens after […]

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SCREENSHOT: Cinely, the Social Platform for Filmmakers (11/20/2012)

By Cherita Smith / Web Coordinator / @lafemmecherita In this digital age of Facebook timelines and pinteresting tweets, you’re probably thinking another online social network is the last thing you need. Understandable. But… what if it was a private community of filmmakers and production companies […]

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By Cherita Smith / Web Coordinator / @lafemmecherita The twenties had flappers. The sixties had hippies. And the aughties? We’ve got hipsters. Writer/director/producer and Project Involve Fellow Shilpi Roy explores love and (mostly awkward) romance in the age of the hipster with her new web […]

"Ian" from Season 4 of American Nobodies


If you’re a Film Independent fan (and I know you are) you may be familiar with the work of filmmakers Rodrigo Oseda-Beck, Ian Graham and Robert Machoian. They are Los Angeles Film Festival alumni and had a short featured in Short Fix. We enjoyed their short […]

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I know this is a film site, but we’re about to embark on my one and only favorite sport seasons – March Madness! As a result, for this week’s screenshot, I bring you Fanzooloo. Founded by filmmakers Kaylyn Thornal and Natasha Bedu – that’s right, […]

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Many in filmmaking are driven by more than their passion to create and entertain.  They’re driven by a call for social justice.  Such is the case with online content, activist, organizing entity Cuéntame. Let’s let them tell us the story of their story.   In […]



I got my introduction to PERIODS. from filmmaker Abe Greenwald who you may remember from his Screenshot. But this isn’t about him, this is about PERIODS. One of the most inventive, funny and truly charming web series I’ve seen.  I credit the cast and crew […]

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Before there was Sh*t White Girls Say or Sh*t Black Girls Say, or Sh*t Gay Guys say or Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Gay Girls or whatever it’s morphed into (I lost track) – there was Black Folk Don’t. Produced by Angela Tucker, Black […]

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Google “funny website” and you’ll find 1 million of the least funny websites, ever. The funny ones are few and far between. We’ve featured a couple of the few, and now we’ve got another for you. Aaron Hilliard’s Yardhill. How did you come up with […]