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Film Independent At LACMA Live Read Of "Major League"

Top Five Plays From Last Night’s Major League Live Read

We’re just a few weeks into the 2015 MLB season, but last night at LACMA, the Live Read series went into extra innings. Film Independent announced months ago that they’d be adding a special bonus Live Read to their 2014-2015 schedule, with Magic Mike and -- continue reading →


LA Film Fest Success Story: A First-Time Director’s Heartfelt Comedy on Mental Illness Makes Its Theatrical Debut

Gren Wells’ directorial debut, The Road Within, premiered last year at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The poignant story follows a young man with Tourette’s syndrome who befriends two other rehab center patients who are suffering from anorexia and OCD. Together they embark on a road -- continue reading →


Three Great Scenes To Get You Warmed Up for the Major League Live Read

When Joe Manganiello takes the traditional stage left director’s seat at tomorrow night’s Live Read, he’ll have his work cut out for him. After all, he’s chosen the beloved baseball flick, Major League for his Live Read directorial debut. Luckily, Manganiello knows his way around -- continue reading →


If You Love Films That Are Scary, Funny, Fresh, the LA Film Fest Has a Line-Up For You!

Some people say spring has officially sprung when we turn our clocks forward. Some say it’s when the crack of the bat signals that baseball is back. Others say it’s when the Coachellites bare their midriffs and descend on the desert. But for us, spring -- continue reading →


Congrats to the 14 Film Independent Fellows & 8 Members Screening At Tribeca

The most rewarding day for a filmmaker is the one when the theater lights go dim and those bits of an idea first hatched months—if not years before—get projected, fully formed in all of its storytelling glory on the big screen. We take great pleasure in -- continue reading →

Apartment Troubles

LA Film Fest Success Story—How Apartment Troubles Made Its Way to Theaters

Venturing into the festival circuit? Writers/directors/actors Jennifer Prediger and Jess Weixler of Apartment Troubles have been there and done that and are here to share their story of their own film’s 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival premiere and their advice to newcomers to the festival -- continue reading →

Jay Goldman

Here’s a Dangerous Fairy Tale: Talented Writers are Born, Not Made

Anyone tempted to buy into the fairy tale that talented writers are born, not made, might want to rethink this notion. The danger of this fairy tale is that it feeds the other seductive notion that naturally talented writers are able to write and sell -- continue reading →


Know Your Crew: Behind the Seams with Costume Designer Samantha Kuester

  “I have a homework assignment for you guys: Go to the mall, and just look at all the prices.” Costume designer Samantha Kuester (Any Day Now) came into the Film Independent office last week for the most recent edition of our “Know Your Crew” series, -- continue reading →

Grandma copy

Three Reasons We’re Excited That Grandma—Lily Tomlin!—Will Open the LA Film Fest

After hours upon hours and day after day of watching films, talking films, thinking films, eating, sleeping, dreaming films—our bleary-eyed Los Angeles Film Festival programming team is about to come up for air and share with the world the lineup of films for the 2015 Festival. -- continue reading →

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.54.00 AM

“Fully F**king 100 Percent Me”—Kristen Stewart on the Layers of Reality and Performance

“When I first read the script, I thought it was just hilarious,” said Kristen Stewart at last Friday’s Film Independent at LACMA screening of Olivier Assayas’ Clouds of Sils Maria. The film follows Maria, an aging international film star—played by Juliette Binoche—who must return to -- continue reading →

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