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Don’t-Miss Indies—What to Watch for in September

Maidentrip When: Now Playing Where: Netflix Director: Jillian Schlesinger Starring: Laura Dekker Why We’re Excited: This fascinating and adventurous documentary introduces audiences to the determination of Laura Dekker, a 14-year girl who ventured out to sea on a two-year journey in hopes of becoming the -- continue reading →


What Will Be the Next Hot Show? Amazon Gives Power to the People to Decide

Amazon Studio’s ongoing experiment in populist programming goes into full swing again tomorrow night when the pilot of Hand of God debuts on the streaming service. We’re excited to see how it all plays out, partly because the innovative approach puts the power in the hands of -- continue reading →

Film Independent Forum - Day 2

Show Passion, Not Desperation—And More Words of Wisdom from the Film Independent Forum

Ten years ago, Film Independent decided that the best way to help up-and-coming filmmakers learn how to navigate the business would be to convene a forum of people who had done it expertly and let them do the talking. We invited some of the savviest -- continue reading →

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Submitting to Sundance: Two Festival Programmers Share Their Insight

Last week, Sundance Film Festival programmers Lisa Ogdie and Kim Yutani stopped by Film Independent to do a Q&A with our members, offering insight into the selection process as well as helpful hints for filmmakers submitting their work. The deadlines for Sundance 2015 are fast -- continue reading →


Congrats to the 8 Film Independent Members Nominated for Emmys

It’s clear from the heated Emmy debates in the cubicles around here that it’s been a spectacular year for storytelling on the small screen (Cranston v. Hamm! McConaughey v. Harrelson! House of Cards v. True Detective!) Celebrating great new work by innovative artists is woven -- continue reading →

814 Lucy

Women in Film: Hollywood’s Summer Report Card

The summer is finally coming to an end, and everyone’s getting ready to go back to school. But over the summer while all the kids were letting their brains turn to mush at the movies, it’s Hollywood’s turn to get a report card. Let’s see -- continue reading →

2014 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Dear White People" Premiere - Arrivals

At Last, Good News About Diversity in Film: Project Involve Invites 30 Emerging Artists into the Community

The news about diversity in the film business is almost never good. (Sample headlines: “Lights Camera Struggle? Hollywood Latinos Speak Out,” “Hollywood’s Irrational Allergy to ‘Black’ Films,” “GLADD Surveys Movie Studios; Is Disappointed” and “The Bamboo Ceiling: Hollywood Shuns Asians.”) So every year when we -- continue reading →

2014 Los Angeles Film Festival - "I See Music: Exploring Beyonce's Visual Album" Premiere

Quitting Crews, Collapsed Schedules and Being Bullied by Harvey Keitel—Behind the Scenes of a Dream Director’s Gig

Directing by its very nature is a collaborative game. Your success hinges on your ability to steer your creative dream team towards realizing your vision. So what happens when your main collaborator happens to be one of the world’s biggest pop superstars? How do you -- continue reading →


Words of Wisdom on Filmmaking from The Dude Himself

In honor of this weekend’s release of the highly anticipated adaptation of Lois Lowry’s beloved YA novel The Giver, we’ve rounded up some of the best quotes about filmmaking to come from its producer and star, Spirit Award winner (for Crazy Heart), Film Independent Member -- continue reading →

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Ask a Pro: Location Manager Kristin Dewey

Finding the right locations for your movie can be one of the trickiest aspects of producing a film. So much of your budget depends on what is possible and can be accommodated (capacity, loading gear, electric, windows, noise, parking, etc.) in each location where you shoot. -- continue reading →

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