Nobody Cares About Your Little Movie…

#FINDForum 2012: Keynote Address by John Singleton

So began Oscar®-nominated director John Singleton, kicking off the 2012 Film Independent Forum with an empowering keynote speech that delivered an often hard truth for filmmakers to hear: YOU have to care about your movie no matter what, because nobody else will. According to Singleton, the attitude an indie filmmaker needs in Hollywood is the same as the little dude on the block that no one will mess with because, though small, he has no fear. He drove home that message of self-empowerment over fear, concluding with a quote whose spirit was felt throughout the Forum weekend: “Make it and shoot it. And don’t give a fuck.

Watch highlights from John Singleton’s keynote speech below, then get out there and make your little movie happen!


October 22nd, 2012 • No Comments

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