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DocuClub LA is a collaboration between Film Independent and the International Documentary Association (IDA). This work-in-progress screening series offers members of the film community – and the public – advance access to new documentaries, and the opportunity to participate in in-depth conversations with filmmakers. DocuClub offers nonfiction filmmakers a place to share stories that are still being developed in a safe and supportive environment, and receive constructive feedback that will get their projects ready for festivals and distribution.

Taking place six times a year at Film Independent, DocuClub LA events are featured in our newsletter, so sign up today to stay up-to-date.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020  |  7:00 pm
Film Independent Screening Room

In Stray, a trio of canine outcasts roam the streets of Istanbul. Through their eyes and ears, we are shown an intimate portrait of the life of a city and its people.

Director/Producer/DP/Editor: Elizabeth Lo
Producer: Shane Boris
Co-Producer: Ceylan Carhoglu

Moderator: Toni Bell

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A Town Called Victoria

Monday, February 24, 2020  |  7:00 pm
Film Independent Screening Room

Hours after the first travel ban takes effect, a mosque in Victoria, Texas erupts in flames. As details of the arson emerge, this quiet community must reckon with the deep rifts that drove a man to hate.

Director/Producer: Li Lu
Producer: Anthony Pedone
Editor: Evita YuePu Zhou

Moderator: Toni Bell

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Monday, September 9, 2019  |  7:00 pm
Film Independent Screening Room

Memphis loves Seneca. He’s a millennial with severe cerebral palsy, and he wants to be a filmmaker and travel the world. Seneca’s an aspiring opera singer, living with her mom, deep in oil country. Seneca just wants to be friends. Memphis follows five years of this unfolding relationship as it takes us from Texas to California to Italy and back.

Director/Producer/Editor: David Zucker
Editors: Reid Davenport, Jody McVeigh-Schultz

Moderator: Katie Doering

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Dilemma of Desire

Monday, August 5, 2019  |  7:00 pm
Film Independent Screening Room

The Dilemma Of Desire explores the clash between gender politics and the powerful imperatives of female sexual desire, by following two scientists and two artists who are using their work to shatter myths women have been taught about their sexual desire and their bodies.

Director/Producer: Maria Finitzo
Producers: Diane Quon, Cynthia Kane
Editor: Liz Kaar

Moderator: Lisa Hasko

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The Assassination & Mrs. Paine

Monday, July 15, 2019  |  7:00 pm
Film Independent Screening Room

The Assassination & Mrs. Paine is a provocative portrait of 85-year-old Ruth Paine and her inescapable connection to the JFK assassination. As a key witness and friend of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald, conspiracy researchers have long suspected Ruth of a sinister role in a wider plot.

Director: Max Good
Producer: Christopher Noviello

Moderator: Simon Kilmurry

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From Here

Monday, February 4, 2019  |  7:00 pm
Film Independent Screening Room

From Here is set in the West’s two largest immigration countries – Germany and the United States – both at the center of contemporary migration debates and experiencing a rampant rise in nationalism.

Director/Producer/Camera: Christina Antonakos-Wallace

Moderator: Courtney Sheehan

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