Molly, Molly, Molly

“Molly Molly Molly... listen. Can you hear that?”

Project type: Narrative Short
Project status: Development
Producer: Kylie Juggert
Writer/Director: Bryce Baxter
Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark
Casting Director, Actor "Charlie," and Assistant Producer: Kayla Hanson
Instagram: @mollymollymollyfilm
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After a long hiatus, three childhood friends, now adults, come together to punctuate the end of summer in the best way they know how; in a pool. In what at first feels like a carefree reunion quickly goes south as debates over Ada’s now missing cat exposes underlying fissures in their friendship.


Molly, Molly, Molly is a short film centered around the lives of three female friends as they approach a critical juncture in their friendship. Coming together after a long hiatus, they look to punctuate the end of summer in the best way they know how; in a pool. What at first begins as a carefree reunion quickly takes a turn for the worse as debates over Ada’s now missing cat exposes underlying fissures in their longstanding friendship.

Our three characters, Charlie, Ada and Margo, stunted twenty somethings navigating the complicated world of adulthood. Antidepressant popping, stoma bag wearing, anxiety riddled, quarter-lifers held together by childhood bonds that wear thinner by the year.

Thematically speaking, Molly, Molly, Molly is guided by a central question; are friendships meant to last? With each character falling into different camps in that ideological spectrum, the end result is a nuanced, layered portrayal of a moment rarely depicted on screen: the quiet and unspectacular shift in the winds that first sends us adrift.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Bryce Baxter — Director/Writer

Bryce Baxter, writer / director whose work wades in dirt, grit and grime—humanizing
folks often cast to the margins of society.

Kylie Juggert — Producer

Kylie Juggert is an award-winning producer based out of New York City. She identifies
with the phrase “jack of all trades,” as many Aries/Type 7 enneagram folks do.

Megan Eleanor Clark — Director of Photography

Megan Eleanor Clark’s work has been featured on Nowness, TIME, the Wall Street
Journal, and the Foundry, and has been recognized for a Vimeo Staff Pick, and a
Webby Award nomination in 2019. She seeks integrity, simplicity and honesty in her

Kayla Hanson — Casting Director, Assistant Producer, Actor “Charlie”

Kayla Hanson is a founding member of the Red Balloon Artist Collective and has
performed with 7 different theatre companies in Portland, including 5 devised works.
She’s passionate about work that’s experimental, movement-based, and aims to
rethink modes of storytelling.