The Art of Movie Poster Design


The Art of Movie Poster Design

An eye-catching movie poster is not only an important marketing and sales tool, but a central piece of your film’s image and branding. Often, your poster is the first image people will ever see from your film or series. Many moviegoers choose a film to see at the theater based on the poster that’s most appealing. And, on a streamer’s cluttered homepage, striking key art is essential to convincing a prospective viewer to click play, instead of scrolling right past.

We’re thrilled to welcome to Film Independent legendary poster designer Kenny Gravillis, the man behind the iconic movie art for Dune, Wakanda Forever and Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as beloved Spirit Awards nominees and winners such as If Beale Street Could Talk, I Am Not Your Negro and The Witch.

Kenny will demystify the marketing process; offer insight into his creative decision-making, including what elements make a poster memorable and distinctive; and explain how filmmakers can be better creative partners with distributors and streamers.

About the Presenter

Visionary creative director Kenny Gravillis, of Gravillis Inc., is the go-to man for major Hollywood studios and top filmmakers seeking thought-provoking advertising campaigns and film posters. Kenny started out designing album packages for the likes of Public Enemy, LL Cool J and The Notorious B.I.G.

In 2000, he launched Gravillis Inc., a boutique graphic design studio that would seek to visually communicate challenging and inspiring ideas for the savvy consumer. They focused on theatrical and television campaigns and are now market leaders.

Spike Lee, Beyonce, Steven Spielberg, Ryan Coogler, Common, Quentin Tarantino, LeBron James, Michael B. Jordan, The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, The Roots, Jay-Z, J.J. Abrams, Dr. Dre, Lena Waithe, Ava DuVernay, Barry Jenkins, Key & Peele and many others all turn to Gravillis for their campaigns. Studio clients include Universal Studios, Disney, Beats By Dre, HBO, Netflix, Warner Bros. and many more.

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