The Spirit Awards


The Film Independent Spirit Awards is the premier awards event for the independent film community.

Each year, the Spirit Awards brings together top talent from throughout the world of independent film. In addition to traditional categories such as Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, etc., the Spirit Awards ceremony features a number of unique honors. These include Best First Feature, Best First Screenplay, the John Cassavetes Award (best feature under $500,000) and the Robert Altman Award (best ensemble cast).

The Show

Celebrating the year's most exceptional films and filmmakers, right next door to the world famous Santa Monica Pier.

In keeping with its Los Angeles roots, the Spirit Awards takes place in a beachside tent, steps from the sand & surf in beautiful Santa Monica. This year marks the show's 35th anniversary – three-and-a-half decades! – and it remains as exciting and original as the films and filmmakers honored.

You can tune in to the live broadcast of the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards (that's the official name of the show, by the way) exclusively on IFC, Saturday, February 8 at 2:00 pm PT / 5:00 pm ET.

Vote for Independents

Pop quiz: who chooses the winners of the Spirit Awards? The correct answer is...

Film Independent Members, of course!

And Members don't just vote; they also receive select nominee screeners and are invited to attend free screenings of all nominated films before voting. Plus, there are a ton of other year-round benefits as well.

Film Independent Members include filmmakers, film industry leaders and film lovers. Anyone passionate about film can become a Member and vote for the winners of the Spirit Awards. Visit our Spirit Awards voting info page for more details.