Festival Visions

Shining a light on exceptional films discovered in festivals around the United States

See and Be Seen

For a filmmaker to turn an inspiration into a finished film, it takes a village. For an organization to turn an idea into a full-fledged event, it takes a village. For Film Independent to identify and showcas emerging artists, with the goal of bringing their work to a broader audience… well, you can see where this is going.

We’ve proudly partnered with with five U.S. film festivals – Bentonville Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, and Outfest – to amplify the voices of underrepresented filmmakers.

These organizations provide crucial platforms for uniquely impactful films outside of the conventional film market and, with our new Festival Visions series, we’re excited to help expand the reach of these stories that are so deserving of attention and recognition.

Watch the Films

Festival Visions screenings – free and open to all – are set to take place in May, June and July of this year. Two films will be featured each month, which will screen alongside one another in the Film Independent Presents Online Screening Room.

No need to register for both films in a given month… as long as you register for one, you’ll be able to see both!


Bentonville Film Festival
May 23-24: Liquor Store Dreams and Seasick


Outfest and Miami Film Festival
June 22-23: Finding Her Beat and Monarcas


New Orleans Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival
Date and titles to be announced

Take Another Look

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