Film Independent Forum

Get expert advice, inspiration and the resources you need to move your career forward

The Film Independent Forum is designed to inspire and empower filmmakers with the tools and connections they need to get their projects made and seen. Every year, this weekend event offers a communal experience filled with multiple screenings, panels, workshops, one-on-one meetings, and networking lunches and receptions. Through multiple sessions, we delve into the best practices for financing, production and distribution of both film and TV, and explore the new tools and formats that are bringing endless opportunities for creative experimentation.

Thank you for your interest in the Film Independent Forum. Due to current developments with COVID-19 and its variants, we will be postponing this event. To continue to serve your immediate needs and sharpen your tools, this fall, we are presenting a new event called Producers at the Table (coming soon) – a virtual series which will keep you connected and up to date with current industry practices.

As a result of last year’s highly successful virtual Forum, our intention is to apply what we learned and bring the best of the virtual and in-person experiences together in a reimagined event that is responsive to our new reality. We plan to hold a hybrid Forum in the fall of 2022, when we will convene in a way that allows us to safely reconnect in person, while providing easy remote access to serve our global audience.