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Romance. Action. Comedy. Horror. Multiple Sasquatches. This month's Don't-Miss Indies list has something for everyone.

April = Awesome

The Meaning of Micro

So, what exactly is a "microbudget" film, anyway? Producers Iram Parveen Bilal, Ron Najor, Gia Rigoli and Avril Speaks weigh in.

Micro Macros

And the Winners Are...

The 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards is officially in the books! Here are the marvelously talented winners from this year's show.

Spirit Awarded




The Naked Truth: Shooting Intimate Scenes

Time 7:30 pm PT
Location Film Independent HQ
Tickets FREE for Members; $15 for non-Members
Many adult dramas require their characters to display affection – from simple kissing to R-rated scenes involving nudity, sex, kink or other intimate situations. In the... Read More


The Green Set

Time 5:30 pm PT
Location Online
Tickets FREE for Members; $15 for non-Members
As creative people who care about making a difference with our art, can we afford not to care about the impact we make on our... Read More


Film Independent Fri 4.12.2024

Video: Using Subjective Sound Design to Create Emotion and Interiority


Perspective is one of the building blocks of cinema. It’s often thought of as a visual tool, but it doesn’t stop there. The audience is forfeiting both their visual and auditory senses and it’s the filmmakers’ job to take them on a journey using both images and sound. In soun...

Read More

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