Information, details and resources for eligible 2020 Spirit Awards voters


Only Film Independent Members vote to determine the winners of the annual Film Independent Spirit Awards. If you’re passionate about film, we urge you to join and make your voice heard – Vote for Independents! Plus Los Angeles-based Members have the opportunity to see every nominated film theatrically, for free, starting in January 2020.

Not a Member? Join by December 5, 2019 to vote for the winners of the 2020 Spirit Awards and receive full voter benefits (see below).


Special screening privileges are available to voting Members during Spirit Awards season. Film Independent strives to provide an equitable opportunity for all nominated films to be seen. Here’s how:

Nominee Screening Series

Voting Members and a guest can attend free screenings of all of the nominated films here in Los Angeles. Many screenings include a conversation with cast & crew.

Nominee Screeners

Spirit Award nominees are invited to provide screeners to Members, digitally or on DVD, for voting consideration. Members have the opportunity to view these nominated films in the comfort of their own homes and add them to their personal libraries.


Spirit Awards voting takes place entirely online. Eligible voters will have the opportunity to begin casting ballots in late January. Ballots (one per eligible voter) are cast via a secure third-party website and tabulated by Integrity Voting Systems.

Voters are strongly encouraged to vote only for nominees in categories in which they have seen ALL nominated films. Ballots will still be valid if a category is skipped.

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