Ayten Amin

Writer/Director, Souad

Ayten Amin was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She directed her first short fiction Her Man in 2006. The film was screened in many international festivals such as Clermont Ferrand in France. It was also screened exclusively for a whole year in Canal Plus in France, 2007/2008. In 2009, she made another short fiction film titled Spring 89, produced by The Egyptian Film Center. The film got many awards in Egypt and was screened at several international film festivals. Her film Tahrir 2011 was officially selected out of competition section in Venice International Film Festival 2011 and won the CICT-IFTC award. It was officially selected in TIFF Toronto International Film Festival 2011 and was officially nominated for best documentary in Cinema For Peace award Berlin 2012. In 2013 made her feature film debut with Villa69 which won the jury prize in Abu Dhabi Film Festival. She directed the hit TV series Seventh Neighbor in 207-2018. And her second feature, Souad was officially selected in Cannes Film Festival 2020.

Souad was the recipient of funds from Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, AFAC, CineGouna and JCC Carthage.