Caleb Jaffe

Creator/Actor, It's Not About Jimmy Keene

An upsetting, racially-charged incident during Caleb Jaffe’s freshmen year in college completely uprooted his sense of self. Until then, having grown up in a protected, liberal community, his mixed-raced background was just a small part of his identity. Suddenly, notions of his own blackness — how he related to the black student community, the conflicting rhetoric and fervent activism — alongside big questions like “Who am I and what the $&#*! is going on in our country?” took on a new urgency. So he took his tuition savings, left school and made a series pilot about these questions. Caleb believes that with the current state of the country being more divided economically, politically and culturally, there is a pressing need to expand our tribes and anti-tribes, to find empathy and connect with one another.