Duncan Birmingham

Writer/Director; Maron, Blunt Talk

Duncan Birmingham is a writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles. He wrote and was executive producer on Maron, starring Marc Maron, and was a writer/co-executive producer on Blunt Talk (Starz) starring Patrick Stewart. He also wrote on David Fincher’s never-aired HBO series and was most recently a writer and consulting producer on Rob Riggle’s Jet Ski Academy (Crackle). He’s developed original shows for AMC, ABC and Sony and his screenplay Swingles was on the Blacklist and is in development at Paramount. He’s the author of the humor book, Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves. His first short film, Excuse Me, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and later short films have played at AFI, GenArt, New York Film Festival and SXSW.