After Antarctica

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Project status: Production
Director: Tasha Van Zandt
Producer: Sebastian Zeck
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After Antarctica is a feature-length documentary that follows polar explorer Will Steger’s life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes in the polar regions of our planet. Now, thirty years after his historic coast-to-coast expedition across the coldest continent on Earth, Steger is not only known for being the first in history to complete this historic feat – he is also the last.


After Antarctica offers an intimate portrait of Will Steger, a trailblazer who overcame all odds to become one of the world’s most admired polar explorers. Through the use of never-before-seen archival footage, we follow Steger’s historic 1989 traverse across Antarctica, which was the longest crossing of the continent in history. His mission at the time was to use the expedition as a tool to reinstate the Antarctic Treaty.

However, in the decades following the completion of the expedition, the three ice shelves the team crossed have disintegrated, leaving Steger and his team not only the first to achieve this historic feat, but also the last.

Now, Steger enters a new chapter as he comes to the realization that the legacy he has fought to preserve has begun to melt away. As the debate on the urgency of climate change polarizes the world and the intensity of natural disasters increases, Steger begins to face his own mortality alongside that of the planet.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Tasha Van Zandt — Director

Tasha Van Zandt is a documentary filmmaker who has traveled on assignment around the globe and to all seven continents. Her work has been published in National Geographic Expeditions, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, PBS, NPR, and many others. She recently collaborated with the renowned artist JR to document the creation of TIME Magazine’s “Guns in America” cover and traveled throughout the country documenting varied perspectives on gun violence from local communities. In February of 2019, Tasha’s work was featured in TIME Magazine’s “Optimists” issue which was guest edited by filmmaker Ava Duvernay. Her film The Making Of A Fresco offers a unique look into the creation of the San Francisco Mural Project and will be exhibited later this year at the SFMOMA. Throughout the year Tasha works for National Geographic documenting expeditions around the world in places such as Australia, Iceland, Tanzania and Japan. She has been a guest speaker at events such as Adobe Max and leads educational filmmaking workshops around the globe. Throughout her work, Tasha is dedicated to capturing stories that foster empathy and using her lens as a tool to build cultural bridges that lead to greater global understanding.

Sebastian Zeck — Producer

Sebastian Zeck is a documentary filmmaker and photographer with a focus on conservation and stewardship. He has produced and shot for clients such as Google and TIME Magazine, and has worked on location in Southeast Asia, the Canadian Arctic, Antarctica, and more. Sebastian began his career in the social justice and non-profit sphere, seeking to blend the craft of filmmaking and storytelling to effect social change. Sebastian is originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota, and now lives in San Francisco, California.

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