Little City Gardens

Project type: Documentary Feature
Project status: Post-Production
Director/Producer: Ben Grossman
Producer/Consultant: Caitlyn Galloway
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Little City Gardens is a nonfiction feature that presents the magnetism and beauty of a farm that existed in San Francisco. It’s a story about connections to land, place, and each other told through the poetic visuals of a working urban farm. It’s a moving portrait about the powerful and compassionate relationship between people and land found in the most unlikely of places.


Caitlyn, the main character of the film, walks gently on the land. Her hand presides over the plants as she moves through them. She begins to harvest flowers. The city starts up around her and the hum of the freeway is heard in the distance. Peter and Patrice, both co-workers, enter the field and begin working beside her. We are in San Francisco, at Little City Gardens, a working urban farm.

All three characters are partners in an endeavor to grow food and create beauty in the city. Scenes shift from rhythmically paced farming to the hectic delivery of the harvest, to calm moments where the openness of the sky is experienced, and friendships happen in the sun.

Unfortunately the farm is under constant threat of being lost to development. This tension shapes the film’s story and adds a resounding significance to the work the characters are doing. They tend to the life of the farm, devotedly still, in the face of eviction. Their actions are loving and rebellious in a city that is rapidly changing. Near the end of the film, as we’ve come to know the compassionate relationship between the farmers and the land, Caitlyn stands in the well-worn greenhouse and stares out at the farm’s fields. She says touchingly, ‘This place feels like a friend more than ever right now.’ Light from the outside sun comes in, warms her, and fills the frame.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Ben Grossman — Director/Producer

Ben is a filmmaker living in San Francisco. He writes screenplays and makes films. His short film, Come Full Circle, (48 min), showed at film festivals including The American Indian Film Festival, 2013. Little City Gardens will be his first feature-length documentary.

Caitlyn Galloway — Producer/Consultant

Caitlyn is an artist, farmer, trained sign painter, and longtime San Francisco resident. She was the co-founder of Little City Gardens, a working farm within city limits. She perpetually has her hands dipped in many projects, all of which are centered around her desire to help define a vibrant, healthy, interesting city.

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