Wander Women

No phone, no wallet, and no idea they would end up as heroes.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Actor: Scarlett Bress
Writer/Actor: Olivia Singer
Director/Producer: Matt Wassong
Producer: P.T. Clement
Associate Producer: Lindsey Byster
Associate Producer: Natalie Hurt
Facebook: Wander Women
Instagram: @wanderwomenshort
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After being uprooted from their isolated doomsday cult, two best friends are thrust into the modern world and forced to go on the run towards the happiest place on Earth.


The film starts with anxious Hannah and wide-eyed Eve in the back of a cop car. The girls have just been rescued from an isolated doomsday cult. The cop stops at a gas station, where the girls discover an auspicious magazine ad for Disneyland: a promising sanctuary, the Happiest Place On Earth. When briefly left alone, the girls bolt out of the store, and are offered a ride by a group of troublesome stoners. This favor comes to an end quickly when Hannah and Eve’s hot dog nausea takes over, vomiting all over the car.

Ditched by the boys, Hannah and Eve are left on their own and covered in filth. They spot a Good Will across the street showcasing the hottest outfits Hannah and Eve have never seen before. Hopelessly curious, the girls head inside. In the store, Hannah and Eve expand their understanding of the modern world with every new experience and relationship. This is the first time they openly explore their femininity. It’s heaven, until someone knocks over a mysterious pile of clothing and out falls a bag, and inside: a gun.

This means bad news. With a robber holding everyone at gunpoint, Hannah and Eve decide to let their confidence roar. Our buddy hero’s battle the robber, who quickly gets the upper hand – until BOOM…an accident. Now with blood on their hands, literally, the girls flee the scene and book it to The Happiest Place On Earth.

Meet the Filmmakers

Scarlett Bress – Writer/Actor
Scarlett Bress is an LA based actress/writer, and recent alum from USC’s School of Dramatic Arts. Last year, she starred in Our Country’s Good at The South Pasadena Theatre, and portrayed Hailey on We Stay Looking produced by Issa Rae.

Olivia Singer – Writer/Actor
Olivia Singer is a LA based actor, writer and comic. Her most recent work was at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. She is a USC School of Dramatic Arts alumni.

Matthew Wassong – Director/Producer
Matthew Wassong is an award winning Director and Producer. He is known for the horror/comedy A Most Atrocious Thing and his short Oasis. Matthew is one of the founders and Executives at BoxFort.

P.T. Clement – Producer
After graduating from USC, P.T. Clement quickly started producing independent feature films, many through his partnership with Chicago Media Angels. His films have starred the likes of Mason Gooding, Ariel Winter, Steve Buscemi, Josh Radnor, and others, and they have played at festivals like Tribecca, Nashville, and Chicago International Film Festival.

Lindsey Byster – Associate Producer
Lindsey Byster is an LA based producer and director. She currently works as a talent assistant at United Talent Agency and is a proud graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Natalie Hurt – Associate Producer
Natalie Hurt is an LA-based producer and writer. She graduated from USC’s School of Dramatic Arts in 2021 and currently works as an Executive Assistant at Griffin Talent.

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