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For nearly thirty years Film Independent’s Project Involve program has been a leader in the ongoing fight to build a more inclusive and equitable industry. Project Involve Fellows are provided with the resources and opportunity to develop and produce six original short films, from pitch through premiere.

Securing funds to supplement production is crucial to the filmmakers. Donate to one or more of the Project Involve short films below, or support the Project Involve program as a whole using the form at the bottom of the page. As a special thank you, contributors will receive an invitation to see the finished films this fall.

2021 Project Involve Short Films

7 lbs 8 oz

When a young mother moves into a Jersey City neighborhood, an encounter with a stranger shows her the value of community.

Yoo Lee (writer/director/animator); Xin Li, Evelyn Martinez (producers); Jordan Hart (executive producer); Ino Yang Popper (cinematographer); Mengyao Zhang (editor)
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All My Life

Set in the 90s, a hopeless romantic teen, obsessed with rom-coms, pushes her friend to pursue a normal teenage love life she always longed for, but she’s suddenly confronted with the fact that her friend is actually the one she’s always longed for.

Erin Lau (director); Fiona Hardingham, Selena Leoni (producers); Van B. Nguyen (writer); Calvin Lam (executive producer); Jon Pham (cinematographer); Sara Schultz (editor)
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A last-minute change to a pumpkin carving date sends a young Latinx man reeling and forces him to confront the realities of living at home with his father.

Stephanie Osuna-Hernandez (director); Evelyn Martinez, Mireia Vilanova (producers); Gerardo Maravilla (writer); Ciara Wardlow (exec. producer); B. Rubén Mendoza (cinematographer); Mengyao Zhang (editor)
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Dear Mama

The death of a musical icon draws different reactions from a father and his young, artistic daughter, forcing them to confront the emotional aftermath of their own tragedy as they begin to heal.

Winter Dunn (director); Xin Li, Nicole Dizon (producers); Charmaine Cleveland (writer); Jordan Hart (executive producer); Mike Maliwanag (cinematographer); Ge Zhai (editor)
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A teenage boy experiences awkwardness, and struggles to navigate the uncertainties of his sexuality after his first time with a girl doesn’t go as expected, forcing him to confront his feelings of desire for his best friend.

Robin Takao D’Oench (director); Selena Leoni, Mireia Villanova (producers); Corey Dashawn (writer); Calvin Lam (executive producer); Andrés Solórzano (cinematographer); Emily Auday (editor)
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The Mason Ring

A pair of siblings make a late-night drop off at a funeral home to deliver their grandfather’s Mason ring, for him to be buried in the next day.

Terry Dawson (writer/director); Fiona Hardingham, Nicole Dizon (producers); Ciara Wardlow (executive producer); Ino Yang Popper (cinematographer); Tian Jiao Zi “Selinda” Zhou (editor)
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