to be enraged is to be alive

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director/Producer: Chandler Clarke
Producer: Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani
Director of Photography: Weston Walker
Art Director: Szabina Tutor
Instagram: @bzrkfilm
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Anders’ rage is on the precipice of taking control. Fearing he’ll succumb to his violent visions, he seeks the help of an unorthodox psychiatrist, Dr. Wagner, whose meditation methods awaken a power within him.


Tragedy has a way of following Anders. A loner in his late 20s, Anders suffers from brutal anxiety, which takes the form of disturbing visions. He’s tried everything to keep it at bay, but it’s always there, lurking below the surface. Fearing his visions will manifest into a violent outburst, he seeks the help of an unorthodox psychologist, Dr. Wagner, who introduces him to progressive meditation practices. Little does Anders know, Dr. Wagner has ties to his late parents and is part of a clandestine effort to discover those among us who hold a latent power her methods can unlock.

Meet the Filmmakers

Chandler Clarke – Writer/Director/Producer
Chandler Clarke (he/him/his) is an acclaimed filmmaker whose work focuses on inspiring non-fiction content, including documentaries, branded content, and commercials. His most recent feature documentary, All In My Power, was distributed by Cinedigm and is available via major SVOD platforms. Chandler has created engaging content featuring some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, lifestyle brands, and more including the NFL, Red Bull, Nike, CBS, ESPN, Coca-Cola, Laundry Service, Virtue Worldwide, Malka Media, The Player’s Tribune, The CW, The Ad Council, Vanguard and Old Spice. His work is visceral, designed to inspire and discover the humanity that drives its subjects. He crafts non-fiction stories with a uniquely cinematic approach that brings viewers into the subject’s world without barriers. Two of his written works received Semi-Finalist Honors at the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2021) and one went on to win Semi-Finalist Honors at Scriptapalooza (2022), Flicker’s Rhode Island Film Festival (2022) and Zed Fest (2022). Chandler Clarke is a graduate of Brown University where he majored in Art Semiotics (Video Production). In 2020 he joined Steven Sebring, at Sebring Revolutions, and he was recently featured by Creative Humans and Movie Maker Magazine. Currently, Chandler has been working with Virtue Worldwide as a Sr. Producer.

Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani – Producer
Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani (she/her/hers) was born in the developing metropolis that is Casablanca, Morocco. She grew up in a culture that was heavily influenced by oral tradition and storytelling. Today, Alaoui El Hassani is an award-winning producer and director. After watching so many films and television shows and falling in love with worlds and characters, Soukaina noticed that there weren’t many characters who shared her background– and if there were, they weren’t represented in a great light. So to shake things up, Soukaina’s main purpose is to change the narrative around people who share a similar background as her and to humanize the portrayal of women, Muslim and Arab characters on the screen. Alaoui El Hassani has been hard at work since graduating from New York University producing quality films and commercials. As a production coordinator at Vice Media Group, Alaoui El Hassani is consistently on high-profile tv-show and commercial shoots like Coca-Cola, Logitech, Chevrolet, Planned Parenthood, STAAR Surgical, and Proctor & Gamble, of which many have won Cannes Lions, Webbys, Clios, and other notable accolades. Alaoui El Hassani’s recent film works include Fury (2024), BZRK (2023), Lapse (2023), Children of Sin (2023), Duplicity (2023), Fix (2022), Where Theater Began (2020), Color of Mandarins (2020), and Amal (2020). Her film Amal (2020) was a Semi-Finalist at the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival, and the Special Jury Prize at the Festival International du Filme Amateur de Kelibia, Best Short and Best Producer at Oniros Film Festival, Best Short at New York International Film Awards and Quarter Finalist at LA Film Awards. FIX (2022) won Best Producer at the Oniros Film Festival, Best Short Film at the New York International Film Awards, and Official Selection at The 4theatre Film Awards, The New York Short Film Festival, The Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase, The Onykos Film Festival, and The IndieFEST Film Awards.

Weston Walker – Director of Photography
Weston Walker is a highly skilled and visually-inclined cinematographer with a natural intuition for filmmaking. Weston excels in both technical proficiency and creative expression, adeptly balancing the demands of practical problem-solving on set with the ability to convey complex ideas through a stunning visual language. When not busy capturing commercials, branded content, documentaries, or narrative films, he can be found exploring the Sierra Nevada mountains with his wife, two young children and his chocolate lab. Weston Walker’s work has been featured in advertising campaigns for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Apple, Nat Geo, Adobe, Redbull, Athleta, Microsoft, Zillow, Merrel, and Patagonia. He has also established strong working relationships with top companies in the industry, including Schneider Optics, Atlas Lens Company, RED, Bright Tangerine, and others.

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