I think emotions are beautiful. Makes me feel wanted.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director/Producer: Joanne Nguyen
Producer: Grace Hanna
Producer: Jamila Hache
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Cafuné tells the story of Christine, an exotic dancer in an open marriage who discovers her fear of getting older while on a getaway with a lover.


Christine is satisfied with her life – she enjoys her career dancing at a strip club and has a liberating and loving open marriage with her husband. While the “open” was only supposed to be physical, Christine has unexpectedly deepened the bond with her fling, John, after a series of innocent yet existential conversations.

Meet the Filmmakers

Joanne Nguyen – Writer/Director/Producer
Joanne Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American actress and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her interest in performing began at a young age, having been surrounded by her four older sisters who were all involved in the arts. She went to UCLA for Spanish and Linguistics and upon graduating began pursuing acting as a career. She can be seen in shows like The Rookie, Big Sky, Barry, and Panhandle.

Grace Hanna – Producer
Grace Hanna is a Filipino-American writer and director obsessed with heartfelt genre stories. Grace has been a director’s assistant and shadowed on Aquarius (NBC) and Chance (Hulu). Their work has been shortlisted for competitions at Sundance Sloan, Disney, and Sony. A graduate of AFI’s Directing Program, Grace received the Alan J. Pakula and Henry Hathaway awards. Their shorts have premiered at multiple festivals around the globe, like Athens Film Festival and Last Frame in London. Grace had a media fellowship with ArtsConnection in NYC; was selected for the Can Serrat Writer Residency in Catalonia, Spain; and completed a mentorship in Manila under F. Sionol Jose. Finding beauty in tragedy and magic in the mundane is at the heart of who they are and why they want to direct. When Grace isn’t filming, they love traveling and eating tons of sweets (they currently love conchas from Mexico City).

Jamila Hache – Producer
Jamila Hache is an actress, singer, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. The multi-talented actress is best known for Trolls World Tour, ‘Til Jail Do Us
, and the award-winning short film, Everywhere You Go. When she is not acting, you can find her working on other forms of art such as writing, drawing, song-writing, and singing.

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