The heart of this film is the sacrifice immigrant parents make for their children; it aims to show how their love perseveres through hardships.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: Amy B Tiong
Producer: Izzy Vasquez
Production Company: Digital Bodega
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Maya accompanies her father to work on one of his usual Chinese fast-food delivery runs. However, this time, she worries her father may be in danger.


Maya (7) and her single father, Justin (35), share a close bond despite his struggle to balance work and caring for her. Maya and Justin spend the morning in the park. A last-minute family babysitter cancellation leaves Maya tagging along to Justin’s work as a Chinese fast-food delivery driver. He drives and delivers; she acts as his GPS. She stays in his locked vehicle when he takes orders to the houses. At some point, Justin takes too long to return…

A feature-length adaptation of this film has been written and is in the top 4% of all scripts on Coverfly. It made it to the final round of scripts for the Stowe Story Labs, We Screenplay, and Screen Crafty competitions.

Meet the Filmmakers

Amy B Tiong – Writer/Director
Amy B Tiong is a filmmaker, advocate, Gates Millennium, and NYU Tisch Dean’s Scholar. As a BIPOC woman with a disability, Amy uses film to examine intersectionalities. She has produced and directed documentary shorts with the NAACP and Picturestart. Her co-directed narrative short, Take Care Zora, was made in partnership with GFS and The Dolby Institute as a Finish the Script Finalist. This short premiered at AMC Lincoln Center and the Academy Museum. She also directed and starred in an editorial short for Bustle, which garnered press coverage from NBC News and Elite Daily. In 2023, her feature script, When You’re Ready To Go, was a WeScreenplay, ScreenCraft, and Stowe Story Labs finalist. She was previously a Production Coordinator at Vice across their branded, news, and digital teams. She is a proud WAVE Grant recipient and will attend Northwestern in the fall for an MFA in Screenwriting.

Izzy Vasquez – Producer
Izzy, a Bronx native with roots in the Dominican Republic, leads Digital Bodega with a passion for authentic storytelling. As an alumnus of the Ghetto Film School, Izzy champions the voices of storytellers from his community, driving Digital Bodega’s mission to amplify their narratives in the production industry.

Digital Bodega – Production Company
Digital Bodega, established in 2012 in the vibrant heart of the Bronx, began its journey as a sister company to the Ghetto Film School, rooted in a commitment to education and diversity. Evolving into a dynamic production studio, we bridge communities with the world of entertainment through impactful, story-driven content that celebrates diversity and fosters engagement. From crafting behind-the-scenes content for streaming giants to producing original shows, their portfolio spans the spectrum of storytelling. Trusted by esteemed clients like Google, the NFL, and Netflix, they are not just storytellers but architects of experiences, shaping culture and sparking meaningful conversations. With a dedication to social responsibility and storytelling excellence, they continue to redefine narrative in the digital age.

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