Giant Void

We're farther apart than you think.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: Michael Reisinger
Producer: Adia Stark
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A lonely programmer makes a startling discovery that upends her place in the universe.


Chloe leads a team of software engineers who are working hard on a mysterious universal language translator that might just change the world. Her efforts are part of her company’s Liaison Program, which pairs liaisons – experts and academics from various fields – with counterparts to test the translator’s effectiveness. To retain the integrity of the testing, it is forbidden for liaisons and their counterparts to interact outside approved networks. Oddly, Chloe has witnessed liaisons forming deep, personal connections with their counterparts. Yearning for the same connection, Chloe requests a transfer to the liaisons.

The day her transfer request is declined, Chloe receives an unauthorized message from a counterpart named Shawn, who is working on the counterparts’ translator code. Shawn has found a way to covertly bypass the program’s safeguards and proposes they collaborate on the translator directly. It’s a risky move that could get them both fired, but it gives Chloe a much-needed edge in her work. Besides, interacting with Shawn seems the next best thing to officially being a liaison, so Chloe agrees to work secretly with Shawn.

Over long days and nights working together via their ever-improving translator, Chloe and Shawn fuse into a close-knit team. For the first time in a long time, Chloe feels a growing connection with another human being. But like many of the liaisons, Chloe starts yearning for face-to-face contact with her new friend. She decides to risk her job and the program itself in order to find Shawn and meet him in person.

Chloe’s search for Shawn slowly uncovers a deeper mystery behind the Liaison Program. Through it, she learns how vital and urgent human connections really are.

Meet the Filmmakers

Michael Reisinger – Writer/Director
Michael Reisinger attended the U.S. Naval Academy and served overseas before studying film at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Michael has won recognition at the Palm Springs ShortFest and numerous screenwriting competitions, including the Nicholl Fellowship, BlueCat, ScreenCraft, Scriptapalooza, and Slamdance. At the same time he’s produced and directed short films and music videos such as Just a Cloud (2017) for Lusine and Ghostly International, which premiered in VICE and has over 11.5 million views on YouTube. Giant Void is his first feature film.

Adia Stark – Producer
Adia is a native New-Yorker and filmmaker with a huge passion for producing sci-fi narratives. Adia’s experience comes from working in Boston as a 1st AD at Pagano Media, and in NYC at Kavanagh Productions and Duggal Visual Solutions. Adia has crewed on feature films, short films, documentaries as a 1st AD, producer and screenwriter, as well as writing and directing her own work.

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