Good Moment – A World Record Attempt

A world record conquered by a community

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Project status: Post Production
Director: Corbett Jones
Producer: Dominic Bernacchi
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Paralyzed from the neck down at 26, Ian Mackay never stopped moving, swapping a bicycle for a motorized wheelchair. As he attempts to break the World Record of 173.98 miles traveled in 24 hours by a mouth-controlled wheelchair, he redefines what it means to be a paralyzed athlete and does it with a community of friends and family that are proof it takes a village.


Good Moment – A World Record Attempt follows quadriplegic Ian Mackay has he attempts to break a world record for the longest distance traveled in a mouth-controlled power wheelchair in 24 hours. This world record attempt is the backbone for our storytelling, which actually focuses on an intimate look at what it means to be paralyzed in the modern age. Through the weaving narrative of the actual 24-hour event, we will tell a story about a set of quadriplegics that are thriving in their lives – people who have relationships, children and impactful jobs. The story will start during the morning of the event, covering the team as they prep for the day and deal with the challenges that occurred overnight, before moving into the backstory of Ian’s life, injury and how he changed his perspective to find joy in paralysis.

As the film weaves through the world record narrative, the audience will uncover a story of community and support. They’ll learn about a group of people that came together to make their worlds better by sharing ideas and emotional support. The audience will follow Ian as his non profit organization supports trail accessibility in an effort to get more people outside to enjoy in the healing power of nature. And lastly the audience will get an intimate look into Ian’s life, love and family, showing the support it takes to move mountains and accomplish world records.

Meet the Filmmakers

Corbett Jones – Director
Corbett Jones is a director, producer and cinematographer that specializes in documentary production with a focus on stories about people overcoming extreme obstacles. Spanning both branded content and long form, Corbett has traveled to five continents working with clients and partners such as Apple, Patagonia, Spotify, Chevrolet, Amazon and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Corbett is the recipient of two Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards for his directing and producing work on PBS series Tending Nature (2022) and Artbound (2018). His first documentary feature All We Need is Another Chance premiered at Montclair Film Festival in 2017 and is currently in development for a narrative adaptation with Winterlight Pictures and Leslie Odom Jr. When not getting lost on a backroad with a camera on his shoulder, Corbett can be found in Austin, TX working on vintage trucks and remodeling his home.

Dominic Bernacchi – Producer
Dominic Bernacchi co-founded Pet Gorilla in 2014 to create a production company that embraced emerging technology and interactivity by inserting storytelling and creating disruptive advertising campaigns. Having previously worked for Radical Media and Partizan as a talent representative in the commercial division, Dominic has worked closely with the top directors, brands and advertising agencies for his entire career. With a stop-motion film for Vans 50th Anniversary awarded by the Museum of Modern Art in New York to award winning campaigns for HBO, Old Spice and Skittles, Pet Gorilla creates content that is entertaining, informative and wonderfully designed.

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