In One Split Second

When you have a split second to end a life or save one...

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director/Producer: Chloe Owens
Producers: Tamara Rhoads, Markus Linecker
Associate Producer/Marketing Coordinator: Emily Kulaga
Head of Marketing & Digital Campaign: Kirk Brown
Twitter: @In1SplitSecond
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A small crime creates ripple effects in a neighborhood that brings devastating consequences, pushing race relations further in reactionary fallout.


When Sixty-year-old Edna is attacked outside her home by a crackhead thug, the black-on-black crime sparks a case of mistaken identity. Michael and Cayla, two young optimistic college students in love, stop at a neighborhood corner store where a commotion takes place. Michael quickly leaves, only to be confronted by police who believe Michael is the armed suspect who attacked Edna. In one split second, the officers make a decision that could potentially lead to devastating consequences.

Through a robust marketing campaign called #MyLens, we will engage our audience and champion the message found In One Split Second. This film will serve as a creative piece of social activism and act as a tool to build understanding and conversation around the sensitive topic of mistaken identity by the police. Since the story is told through multiple perspectives, one long-term goal is to garner support from both the police department and the African-American community. Our impact campaign includes community screenings at youth centers and the LAPD will be invited to participate in a dialog with the community they serve. A digital outreach initiative will encourage communities across the country to connect with this very important issue of social justice. Ultimately, we hope our short film will be used in police sensitivity training in the US.

Meet the Filmmakers

Chloe Owens — Writer/Director/Producer
Chloe is a graduate of Rutgers University and studied Film abroad in England at Reading University. She has written, directed, and produced various digital series online. Chloe has worked in the offices of CBS, ITV Entertainment, and various production companies. Recently, she left her full-time industry job so she could focus on her passion for writing and directing. Her script In One Split Second won Best Short Screenplay by the WeScreenplay Diversity competition. She is now leading this project to create a cinematic call to action and social justice campaign.

Tamara Rhoads — Producer
Tamara Rhoads is a born creative with business sensibility, her experience in team and project management prepared her for the collaborative art of filmmaking. She has a great sense of equality and diversity, which leads her to produce feature and short films that have a strong social justice aspect. Starting at a small production company afforded her the opportunity to work in multiple aspects of production. Some of Tamara’s strongest assets include her ability to motivate others and to communicate with both cast and crew from an authentic place. In 2016, Tamara produced the feature The Night I Died. She is in development on her current film, a country music drama starring Malcolm McDowell. Currently, she works as an independent producer, freelance production supervisor, and second assistant director on two network cable series. She is co-owner of The Road Ahead Pictures.

Markus Linecker — Producer
Markus has been working in the film industry for over 25 years. Albatross (1992) was the first feature he wrote, produced, and directed. Recently he has been concentrating more on writing and producing. He produced the acclaimed short films Harvest and Land of the Free and also produced the multiple-award winning feature film Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia (2015) with Lori Petty. Markus produced the thriller Christmas Eve starring Adrian Paul, Eric Close and Mary-Margaret Humes. In addition, he is working on numerous projects to which he has attached actors such as Malcolm McDowell and Reece Thompson. He has taught film production and film study classes and lives with his wife and five children in Ojai, California.

Emily Kulaga — Associate Producer/Marketing Coordinator
Emily utilizes storytelling as a platform for social activism, exploring the intricacies of identity within the universal human experience. Emily graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts where she wrote, directed and produced short films and multimedia documentary projects exploring the intersections of race, class and gender, and spearheaded fundraising and marketing campaigns for multiple non-profit organizations. Since then, she has worked for two film production companies, including working under the VP of Digital at Gersh for over a year.

Kirk Brown — Head of Marketing and Digital Campaign

A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Evinate’s Co-Founder/CEO Kirk’s allergic reaction to finance led him to begin his career in New York City’s famed William Morris Endeavor agency mailroom. While there, he exposed himself to the inner workings of the entertainment industry, developing cross-platform tactical strategies for brand growth of A-list clients in digital and emerging social platforms. His recent experience includes developing strategic global branding and marketing campaigns for organizations such as Hasbro, Investor’s Business Daily, Endemol and Sperry to name a few. Kirk’s heightened sense of creativity, matched with his business acumen, provides a unique blend of creative force to develop powerful strategies and campaigns that resonate in the world of media and entertainment.

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