Ocean Moon, Water Mother (海月 水母)

A surreal tale of one woman's chance at immortality

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director/Producer: Melina Kiyomi Coumas
Associate Producer: B Okabe
Cinematographer: Miles Sprietsma
Email: islandcelluloid@gmail.com
Website: melinacoumas.com
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An elderly woman being priced out of her family home on O’ahu, Hawai’i must decide whether to leave the islands for good, or start anew with the help of an ancient island entity.


Ocean Moon, Water Mother revolves around mysterious Yoshie, an Asian American woman attempting to prepare her friends (and herself) for her departure. After her late husband’s passing, she is left with a hefty medical debt and a house she struggles to upkeep on her own. She considers selling her home and moving to the mainland, like countless locals and friends have done over the decades due to the rising costs of living throughout the Hawaiian Islands. A reunion with an ancient island entity reveals a remarkable secret about Yoshie’s past, presenting her with the rarest of opportunities – the choice to start all over again.

This project will be shot on 16mm film on the island of O’ahu in 2024.

Meet the Filmmakers

Melina Kiyomi Coumas – Writer/Director/Producer
Melina Kiyomi Coumas (she/her) is an award winning experimental filmmaker from O’ahu, Hawai’i. Shooting primarily on celluloid film formats, her works explore themes surrounding memory, identity and perception. With a BA in Film Studies, Melina is a festival programmer, coordinator and program manager in her professional life. In 2023 she was a recipient of the WAVE Grant from Wavelength Productions, a grant and one year mentorship given to first time female/non-binary filmmakers of color. After years of creating experimental works, she is excited to be taking the next step in her filmmaking journey with this new narrative short film venture.

B Okabe – Asssociate Producer
B Okabe (they/them) is an artist and creative based in Portland, Oregon. When not exploring photography and music projects, B works as a Talent Experience Manager, connecting talented individuals and teams while facilitating collaborations in the creative agency world. They believe in the power of creativity to inspire and connect people from all walks of life, striving to make a positive impact through their work and interactions. 

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