Old Ladies Find Money

...and keep it, knowing no one will suspect them.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: AR Nicholas
Producer: Emily Laue
Director of Photography: Darius Mackenzie
Email: bournosmedia@gmail.com
Website: oldladiesfindmoney.com
Instagram: @oldladiesfindmoney
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On a storm-ravaged beach, two women-of-a-certain-age find $2.5 Million and take it, knowing no one will suspect them. But when a couple of baddies show up looking for their cash and a townie ends up dead, the women must come up with a plan to save their community.


On the coast of Oregon, JAN and SYLVIA (70s), live out their days collecting plastic that’s washed ashore. Both are questioning their purpose, until one day they discover a bloated dead guy with $2.5 million and take it, leaving the body for others to find.

Jan’s son, T.J., still lives in her basement at age 35, and takes up the story of the dead guy, “Big White,” on his new podcast–his most recent effort to avoid becoming a cranberry farmer like his grandfather, which might save the family farm.

News of the body eventually reaches his drug-dealing associates, who show up looking for their money. But who has it? Or, as the new, conflict-avoiding cop, KIRK, would have you believe, no one has it because it fell off Big White out in the Pacific.

Meanwhile, townies start receiving mysterious gifts of cash–Mindy needs an operation, George has to pay off lenders to keep his auto repair shop afloat.

The baddies, BIRGIT and ZEV, a pair of semi-capable foreigners with a mentally unstable boss out of Yellowstone, start poking around with more intention, resulting in tragedy for Ken, the local junkman.

Then Jan collapses with a possible recurrence of cancer (or is it an act?), Sylvia starts drinking again and T.J. makes an effort to harvest the cranberries to cheer Jan up, resulting in his discovery of the hidden cash.

When the townies gather to figure out where the gifts are coming from, ranks close around Jan and Sylvia, who must concoct a dangerous plan to oust the bad guys, and ultimately realize their lives still have meaning. Inspired by A Simple Plan, Fargo and Waking Ned Devine, Old Ladies Find Money is a possibly true story about seizing opportunities and moving on.

Meet the Filmmakers

AR Nicholas – Writer/Director
AR Nicholas is a writer/director based in the Pacific Northwest whose feature films include the award-winning Univers’l starring Tony Todd, Famous Agoraphobic Woman Tells All! and the alt-media rom-com Bride & Zoom. Produced plays include Petting Zoo Story (Primary Stages); Our Dark Connection and The Elegant Dinner (LA Weekly award-winner for “Theatre in the Dark”); Lu/Lou (Dorothy Lyman) and Incunabula, available on Audible. She is a winner of the Mach33 Science in Theatre prize at Caltech and her plays/screenplays have been selected for the Top Secret Prize, William Inge Play Lab, Last Frontier Fest, Women Playwrights Int’l, Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation, Sundance Theatre Lab, Ebell, Susan Glaspell Prize, Route 66, Centenary Stages and the Lila Acheson Wallace fellowship. Producing credits include shows for Rogue Machine (LA) as part of its award-laden 2016 season. She’s taught screenwriting at the University of Oregon and was Managing Director of the Ojai Playwrights Conference. She’s a writing and acting member of EST/LA and a member of The Dramatists Guild, Published Authors Network, SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity Association. When not writing, she’s probably riding a horse. More at: ARNicholas.com

Emily Laue – Producer
Emily Laue is a producer, assistant director and writer/director who has been working in film for over 20 years.

In Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and most recently, Portland, she has worked on independent features and shorts, commercials, and music videos. Since moving to Portland in 2022, she has immersed herself in the local film community, working on local projects and is on the board of Women in Film PDX.
She has a BFA in Theatre Acting from the University of British Columbia and a MFA in Film Directing from the new Stonybrook/Killer Films Graduate Program. Films she has worked on have screened at Palm Springs, Whistler, MoMA, Bend and more.

Emily taught Film 101 at Stony Brook University, Children’s Theater at The Actor’s Gang in Culver City and yoga in New York and Portland. She currently advocates for more film projects to be shot in Oregon and runs out into the wilderness as often as she can.

Darius Mackenzie – Director of Photography
Darius Mackenzie is a filmmaker and photographer. He has served as Director of Photography on numerous short films as well as music and brand videos. His photography has been published by multiple photography magazines including Zone and F-Stop.

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