The Hole

There’s no wrong way to make a friend.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Director: Courtney Karwal
Writer: Rachel Forman
Producer: Paige Klone
Cinematographer: Bethany Michalski
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Two lonely Angelenos. One apartment complex. And a hole in the ceiling that brings them together.


Loneliness runs rampant in an L.A. apartment complex where, despite living mere feet from one another, tenants remain strangers. That is, until endearing weirdo SYBIL (30s) discovers a hole in her ceiling through which she can spy on her upstairs neighbor HUGO (30s). Through her voyeurism, Sybil realizes Hugo is just as lonely as she is and goes about trying to connect with him in unconventional ways. Her attempts lead to broken bones and awkward conversations, but also an unexpected friendship. The film falls into three acts, all marked by different themes. The first: LONELINESS. The second: CONNECTION. And in the end: HEALING.

Meet the Filmmakers

Courtney Karwal – Director
Courtney Karwal is a director and writer with a decade of comedy experience under her belt. Courtney made her directorial debut with her short film Lipstick City, which won Best Comedy Short at the New York Shorts Film Fest and Best Director at the Portland Comedy Film Festival. This past year, Courtney directed Margot’s Off the Market, a short film that was selected by Vail Film Festival. She also wrote, directed, and produced a spec NIKE campaign to gain attention in the commercial world.

Rachel Forman – Writer
Rachel Forman is a writer and comedian working in film, TV, animation and live comedy. She co-wrote and will E.P. two upcoming features — Untitled Musical Rom-Com (EP Bill Burr) and The Manipulator (EP Jason Schwartzman). She wrote the short Bad Assistant, which stars Schwartzman and has earned film fest prizes for Best Writing, Best Comedy and Best Dark Comedy. She has performed standup, improv & sketch at The UCB Theatre and The Comedy Store, developed animated series for Gaumont, and written on shows for Disney, Nickelodeon and Spinmaster.

Paige Klone – Producer
Paige Klone is a producer, comedian, actor and writer with a B.A. in Writing & Producing for TV from Columbia College Chicago. She won a student Emmy for writing, producing and acting in the live sketch show Freq Out. Paige co-created The Browns starring iconic drag queen Tammie Brown, which premiered on OUTtv & Apple TV. She created, produced & starred alongside Jason Schwartzman in the short film Bad Assistant, which swept Best Dark Comedy & Best Actress at Indie Short Fest. She co-wrote and will E.P. the upcoming feature The Manipulator.

Bethany Michalski – Director of Photography
Bethany Michalski is a Los Angeles & Baltimore-based cinematographer and director. The instincts from her street photography days and MFA training from the AFI Conservatory (MFA Cinematography19′) have shaped her focus today. Michalski embraces her naturalistic sensitivities and interest in blending the narrative & documentary worlds. Most notably, Bethany’s directing and cinematography work have premiered at the DGA, Nobudge, Camerimage, Outfest, and Cinequest. Her clients include Disney, Showtime, MTV, Nike, Dior, Chanel, US Bank, Paper Magazine, and the Travel Channel.

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