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Producer: Paige Blankenship
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Blank Paige Films mixers foster a safe environment for women or female-identifying folk who work in the Hollywood entertainment industry to mingle, network, and have a blast with like-minded individuals. It’s time to celebrate and empower each other in order to reach new heights!

What makes these events so special?

When you walk away from your first Blank Paige Films event, don’t be surprised if you experience a magical feeling that you can take with you through all aspects of life. Our ice-breaker activity is designed to introduce you to at least ten new people in an hour while also curating more intimate conversations that awaken you to your true potential (and humanity). It is encouraged not to leave this new POV at the door when you clock into work, but to embody and embrace it through every interaction to create a more powerful and more connected YOU!

Why woman/female centric?

Right now, these events are designed to address the unmet need in a lot of females in our local community (specifically those thriving in the world of arts & entertainment) to make meaningful connections with each other. While we’ve come a long way, we still work in a predominantly patriarchal world. In order to maintain progress, it’s so important to build strong, healthy bonds with like-minded peers. This way we can combat feelings of competition or insecurity and start listening to each other to better understand each unique perspective. The ice breaker strips us of our titles and gets to the point of empowerment. In participating, you may experience the sudden urge to champion your peer from a place of authenticity while welcoming words of strength and encouragement in return.

The format of these events is currently being workshopped to expand beyond the local female community to other groups, industries, and even other markets!

Meet the Organization

Paige Blankenship – Founder
Blank Paige Films LLC is owned and operated by Paige Blankenship, a line producer, currently full-time for global creative production agency, Blink. With a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and a Leadership Studies Minor, Paige is also a member of the Television Academy and a mentor through Hollywood Radio & Television Society. Paige co-founded and operated a production company in Wilmington, NC while also forming the NC fILM forum, a monthly mixer for professionals in the NC film industry that still meets to this day. She relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2018 where she discovered a new passion to connect and empower the women of the Hollywood entertainment industry. In the summer of 2023, she launched her first LA-based community event with the initiative of fostering a safe space where women could gather and have meaningful conversations about the female experience in this industry, while still networking! After the event’s impact continued to ripple success through the lives of the women who attended, it became clear this type of event is a necessity. She has made it her mission to keep these going on a regular basis, with the support of the community and sponsorship.

Kelly Kruger – Advisory Board
Kelly graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, receiving a BFA in Art and Film Studies. She began working in the film industry in New York before relocating to Atlanta, where she advanced in the set dec department in episodic television and fell in love with interior design. In 2022 Kelly launched KRÜdecor, her home decor line, and transitioned into her role as an artist and designer. Kelly attributes much of her career success to the incredible network of friends and colleagues who have shown her support. Her passion for connecting communities and uplifting marginalized groups remains a core value of her life. Kelly endeavors to support others in their creative pursuits by building community spaces that provide a network and resources for budding artists in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Courtney Tait – Advisory Board
A Reno, Nevada native, Courtney grew up with a passion for the arts and a hunger to get into show business. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2015, she’s worked in a wide variety of mediums including eSports, Reality TV, and Documentary before finally landing in scripted content in 2019. She has since worked in Production for Film & Television for studios like A24, Warners Bros, Searchlight, Netflix, Apple, Hulu, and Showtime. Courtney is currently in the process of producing her first feature film and is excited at the chance to elevate the voices of budding artists, contributing to a new generation of modern day filmmaking!

Julia Dent – Advisory Board
Julia Dent is an actress, writer, and producer specializing in the development of new wave and next generation content. Julia was raised in a one-stoplight-town in North Carolina where she fell in love with acting. While she studied Business and Theater at UNC Wilmington, she also collaborated on projects with peers in the film studies department. Julia brings with her an authentic approach to television as she continues to bridge the gap between performance and business development, leading her to co-write, produce, and take her own projects to market.

Michelle Siouty – Advisory Board
Michelle Siouty is a Los Angeles native and a proud Middle Eastern mutt. Michelle graduated from the University of Southern California’s theater and film departments in 2014 and went on to write for the podcast This Week’s Peep Show. She worked in the cannabis industry for five years, sparking inspiration for her TV series Budtenders, which centers on women working in the cannabis space from pre-legalization to post legalization. This has won her a Mentorship Selection for Launch Pad’s Writing Competition in 2022, Top Ten in Cinequest’s Screenwriting Competition in 2023, and a Quarterfinalist for both Stage 32’s Comedy Screenwriting Competition and as Slamdance in 2023. She also received a partial scholarship for Rocaberti Castle Writer’s Retreat in France in 2023. She produced director Walter Thompson-Hernández’s short Black Man Fly, premiering at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures November 2023. She is now developing a feature with BrandTone Productions called Goal For It! about women’s soccer. She is proud to be on the Advisory board for Women in Hollywood. When Michelle isn’t writing, she is surfing (she’s also currently writing a pilot about female surfers called Surfrider), snowboarding, playing tennis, traveling, eating, and cuddling with her cat, Luna.

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