Talent Guide

Bayley Boecker

  • Discipline:Editor
  • Program Year:CNN Docuseries Intensive 2022


Bayley is a young, queer, non-binary video editor based in Brooklyn, NY. They are passionate about story-telling and uplifting queer voices. In their free time, they enjoy watching movies, reading, and hanging out with their partner and cat.

Current Project

Fruitbowl: An Oral History of Queer Sex


Fruitbowl is an archive-driven docuseries that explores the many ways queer people discover their sexual preferences and identities. Drawn from a deep library of original interviews with queer people about their coming of age, each episode represents a different stage of development including the moment we learn what sex is; first times; embarrassing hook-ups; first loves and all the stuff we wish we knew when we first came out.