Talent Guide

Bri Brooks II

  • Discipline:Writer
  • Program Year:Screenwriting Lab 2023


Bri Brooks II is a Los Angeles-based writer/director and cinematographer. Originally hailing from Baltimore, Bri got an industry start working as a union lighting technician on local productions, such as House of Cards, Veep, Lincoln and Wonder Woman 1984.

Chasing the dream of being a writer/director, Bri transplanted to the west coast and received an MFA in film production at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. While there, they were selected to direct a thesis film funded by the university—a prestigious opportunity given to only six students per year. That film, The Waste Land, premiered at the Camerimage Film Festival which is world-renowned for showcasing the best in cinematography.

Since then, Bri has continued working in the lighting department on big-budget LA-based productions, such as The Rookie, The Old Man, and Star Wars while pursuing a career in writing. The Girl of the Shining Snow is Bri’s third spec feature. Their last writing project was the adaptation of an award-winning novel. Previously, they also co-directed a feature film produced by James Franco.

Current Project

The Girl of the Shining Snow


When her disillusioned father refuses to participate in the annual religious pilgrimage of their people, an indigenous eight-year-old girl embarks on the perilous journey alone to retrieve the sacred ice from a remote mountain glacier—the last remaining hope for her dying mother.