Talent Guide

Christina Sun Kim

  • Discipline:Director
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2014


Writer/Director Christina Sun Kim has called Minnesota, Korea and Texas home before settling in Los Angeles. Kim’s brother, who was born with special needs, inspired her to become a visual storyteller. Her voice formed out of the many challenging and touching moments she shared with him.

While studying at University of Texas at Austin, she directed a documentary film called Dreams in All Sizes, about an eight-year-old boy’s baseball dream and his immigrant parents who gave up everything for a little burger shop. The film aired nationally on the Documentary Channel. Kim solidified her passion as a storyteller while editing Tattooed Under Fire, a PBS documentary about Iraq veterans and their emotional scars.

She is now based in Los Angeles and is an MFA candidate at UCLA. In recent years, she further developed her voice by writing and directing films in the surreal, magical or absurdist realm. In 2014, she directed a Project Involve short called, Alice, as well as her thesis film, Chicken Soup for the Dead Soul, a supernatural drama about a hungry ghost.

Current Project

Chicken Soup for the Dead Soul


After witnessing the suicide of her stepdaughter, Yume Back and her husband Jin are consumed by grief and guilt. Desperate to break through her husband's icy despondence, Yume attempts to console her stepdaughter's ghost with a ritual offering of the traditional Korean chicken soup, sam-gye-tang.