Talent Guide

Daniela Sea

  • Discipline:Director, Writer
  • Program Year:Screenwriting Lab 2011


Daniela Sea is a filmmaker, musician, and actor, and is best known for her role as Moira/Max on Showtime’s The L Word. Her years of traveling through Europe and Asia as a musician, renegade street theater performer and farm worker, have cultivated within her a broad-minded and distinctive relationship with the world. Sea has been acting in television, art movies, and feature films since 2006, when she won the role of Moira/Max Sweeney on The L Word. In addition to her television work, John Cameron Mitchell cast Sea in his feature film Shortbus, and subsequently cast her in the two music videos he directed that year. In 2009, Sea played a trans-man and activist on Law And Order: SVU and the following year, she took the part of a 1960s suburban housewife in Steve Balderson’s The Casserole Club, a feature film scheduled for release in 2011. Sea continues to perform as a musician as well as an actor.

Sea has also acted in art films, including roles in Amie Siegel’s, Black Moon, which premiered in competition at Cannes Film Festival in 2011, and Erika Vogt’s Geometric Persecution. A burgeoning filmmaker, Sea works in both avant-garde and narrative forms, and debuted her experimental short Stick, Stick, Stuck at Redcat Theater in 2010.

Current Project

Mammoth (Narrative Feature)


A recluse's estranged daughter comes to stay and shatters his lonely, stupified status quo. Has tragedy already damaged Stanley beyond repair? Or can he learn to adopt Bernadine's joie de vivre?