Talent Guide

Danny Jacobs

  • Discipline:Director, Writer
  • Program Year:Directing Lab 2016, Screenwriting Lab 2015


After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in international relations, Danny Jacobs has built a prolific career as an actor, writer and director.

As an actor, Danny has appeared in numerous television roles, including The West Wing, NCIS: Los Angeles, Days of Our Lives, Last Man Standing, Love Bites, Grey’s Anatomy and Graceland. Additionally, he has starred in several films, such as Sony Pictures’ The Cavern and Fox’s Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation. Danny currently plays the recurring character of Bob Drag on the award winning Showtime series, Masters of Sex.

As a writer and director, Danny has made two feature films alongside his partner, Darren Grodsky. Their debut picture was Humboldt County, a drama starring Chris Messina, Fairuza Balk, Frances Conroy, Brad Dourif and Jeremy Strong. The film premiered at the 2008 SXSW film festival before being released into theaters across the country to strong critical reception by Magnolia Pictures. Danny and Darren’s follow up film was Growing Up and Other Lies. This time Danny stars alongside Adam Brody, Josh Lawson, Wyatt Cenac and Amber Tamblyn. When that film was released into theaters and VOD platforms in the Spring of 2015 by eOne Entertainment, the New York Times said, “Mr. Grodsky and Mr. Jacobs have an extraordinary ear for the rhythms and nuances of everyday speech, as voices overlap, conversations take random directions, and casual remarks carry loaded subtexts.”

Current Project

Midwestern (Narrative Feature)


After the Social Security Administration mistakenly declares him dead, failed travel agent Harry Pfeiffer tries to save his crumbling marriage and restart his life by collecting the life insurance. But doing so leads him into a labyrinth of murder and corruption that Harry is ill-equipped to handle.