Talent Guide

Dyana Winkler

  • Discipline:Director, Producer
  • Program Year:Documentary Lab 2016, Fast Track 2016, Grants and Awards 2016


For nearly a decade, Dyana Winkler worked full time supporting filmmakers at the Sundance Institute and Tribeca Film Institute where she deliberated upon thousands of grant submissions, and was responsible for seeking out and supporting underrepresented filmmakers in the industry. During that time, Winkler also programmed for the Outfest Film Festival and continues to screen submissions bi-annually for Chicken & Egg and the Sundance Documentary Film Program. Currently, Winkler works as a freelance filmmaker for Sweet Ninja Films, where she produces, directs, shoots, edits and writes for hire in Brooklyn, NY. Her most recent screenplay, Bell, was awarded the 2016 Sundance Sloan Commissioning grant and her current documentary in production, United Skates, has received awards from Chicken & Egg Pictures, New York State Council on the Arts, California Humanities, Film Independent, Fledgling Fund, Southern Documentary Fund, Left Tilt Fund and American Documentary Film Fund.

Current Project

United Skates (Documentary Feature)


United Skates follows an underground subculture growing inside our country's last standing roller rinks. Through the eyes of two unassuming leaders, Reggie and Phelicia, they battle in a racially charged environment, to save a movement still undiscovered by mainstream America.