Talent Guide

Ebyan Bihi

  • Discipline:Industry Track
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2011


Ebyan Bihi participated in the Canadian Film Television Production Association’s (CFTPA) acclaimed National Mentorship Program, where she worked as an Executive Assistant and Head Researcher for Back Alley Film Productions (Durham County, Bliss, Drop the Beat). During this time, she discovered a passion for the multiple facets of film and television production. After completing her mentorship, Bihi was hired as Development Coordinator at Back Alley Films, where she is now responsible for researching and coordinating all of Back Alley’s dramatic development slate. Prior to working at Back Alley Films, Bihi co-produced the portrait documentary Al-Fitrah. Broadcast on CBC through the NFB’s Doc Shop program, this project is a positive and informative documentary that gives a voice to young moderate Muslims in Montreal.

As a Canadian of Somali origin, Bihi has roots in a culture rich in poetic and artistic expression. Growing up in Canada, Bihi and her sisters took full advantage of their parents’ “live and let live” philosophy by exploring everything their new country and home had to offer. Drawing from both cultures, she created a hybrid identity as an Afro, Muslim, refugee woman, all of which are elements that define her. It was this same philosophy that inspired her move to Montreal to pursue the arts, ultimately receiving a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University’s prestigious Communication Studies program. During this time, she worked as Executive Producer on The Verge, an on-campus pilot television magazine that profiled diversity in cultural expression.
Bihi’s goal for the future is to use her cultural and social experiences as the roots for advancing her voice of expression with the interest of making a positive imprint in her surrounding community. While her nomadic roots prevent her from calling any geographic location “home”, Bihi currently lives in winter-less Los Angeles.