Talent Guide

Franklin Jin Rho

  • Discipline:Director
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2013


Born and raised in Virginia, Franklin Rho grew up obsessed by the notion of what it is to be an American. His obsession manifested itself through the medium of cinema, particularly American films from the 1970s and 1980s. His love for cinema and auteur-driven filmmaking led him eventually to the American Film Institute where he received his MFA in Directing. His short film, The Monster and the Peanut, played at numerous festivals and won several awards, including the student Emmy for Best Dramatic Short Film and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant.

As a writer, Rho developed his craft through the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, where he developed both feature and TV scripts. His pilot script, Revelation, won 1st place in the CAPE New Writers Awards and 3rd place in the UCLA Extension Screenwriting Competition. His Breaking Bad spec script, The Giving Tree, was one of three finalists in the Television Outreach Program and also gained Rho entry into Visual Communications’ Project Catalyst program.

Aside from writing additional TV samples, Rho is currently developing The Blood Stain, an indie feature noir about a Korean-American who seizes the opportunity to investigate a murder that may implicate his estranged father.

Pete currently resides in Glendale with his wife Tracy and daughter Sienna.

Current Project

The Blood Stain


A Korean-American FBI Agent (Alex Kang) investigates a murder that points to his estranged father, the CEO of a major Korean car company. The investigation takes Kang to Korea where he is forced to confront his issues with identity and culture.