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Glenn Gaylord

  • Discipline:Director, Producer, Writer
  • Program Year:Screenwriting Lab 2006


FIND Fellow Glenn Gaylord is the Writer/Lyricist/Producer of the new indie feature, Leave It On The Floor, premiering in Spring 2011. Set in the modern day world of the Los Angeles Ball Competition culture (ala Paris Is Burning) this narrative musical directed by Sheldon Larry has Beyonce’s key players involved, including music by Kim Burse and choreography by Frank “Single Ladies” Gatson Jr. Glenn’s other screenplays include The Will, A Whole Lotta Living, Lost Cause, The Tuesday Afternoon Drinking Club and Directed By Dorothy Arzner (co-written with Chris J. Russo and a participant in the 2006 FIND SCREENWRITERS LAB and the 2007 DIRECTORS LAB).

Glenn is also an accomplished director, having made his feature debut in 2009 with the indie comedy smash, Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat. Its success has spawned two sequels, currently shooting back-to-back. He is also an experienced director/producer/story editor in documentary and reality television with credits including, Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Oxygen), What Perez Sez (VH1), Queer Eye For The Straight Girl (Bravo), Show Choir (MTV), Party/Party (Bravo), and My Husband’s Secret (A&E). Glenn also co-directed the documentary feature, Camp Michael Jackson (SKY-TV), which followed a broad cross-section of Michael Jackson fans as they held vigil at his infamous child molestation trial. Glenn has always championed the underdog in his work, and the fact that most of these projects were produced by the cutting edge company, World of Wonder, helped him further that goal.

Born in the very Sopranos-esque Youngstown, Ohio, Glenn was left with nothing to do but develop his imagination. As a child, his only respite was going with his mom to the movies and becoming enthralled by such classics as Paper Moon, The Exorcist, and Taxi Driver. He credits this background in fostering his passion for storytelling. He eventually got the hell out of there and attended the UCLA School of Film And Television. His modest goal was to simply rule Hollywood.

Upon graduation, Glenn worked as a production accountant on over 25 feature films, including the much-loved basketball film, Hoosiers, and Jodie Foster’s directing debut, Little Man Tate. Advised by the writer of that film, Scott Frank, to stop crunching numbers in order to concentrate on writing, Gaylord did just that. Gaylord was a technical advisor and actor in the film Touch Me, starring Amanda Peet, Michael Vartan, and Jane Lynch followed by a commission to co-write a play, The Bus, for the Mark Taper Forum. In addition to a handful of music videos, Glenn has written and directed five other projects:

Lost Cause, a wicked satirical short about the inefficiencies of AIDS service organizations and based on his many years as a Treatment Advocate with AIDS Project Los Angeles,
Boychick, a short about a gay teen who channels his inner-Britney to pursue the boy of his dreams. (Winner of over 14 awards including the Seattle International Film Festival’s Golden Space Needle and the Peter S. Reed Filmmaker Foundation Grant).
Little BFFs – a wild puppet extravaganza short following Miley Cyrus as she explains gay culture to her best friend.
LEZ BE FRIENDS – an inverted Three’s Company and an homage to the classic Norman Lear sitcoms. It follows a butch lesbian who pretends to be a femmie straight girl in order to live with her two gay roommates in Stonewall-era New York City.
HIV BASICS FOR CORRECTIONS OFFICERS – an educational video I made during a 4-year stint as a teacher in LA County Jail.

Not to overstate the obvious, but his experiences with hardened criminals has amply prepared Glenn to achieve that lifelong goal of ruling Hollywood!

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To make it in a man's world, sometimes you have to deny who you really are - the true story of Hollywood's most accomplished, groundbreaking, and forgotten female director.