Talent Guide

Jett Garrison

  • Discipline:Director, Writer
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2009


Jett Garrison is a Transgender *WGA writer and director known for directing the award-winning digital series These Thems. He’s won an Emmy and been nominated for an Oscar for his short film work. He recently sold a half-hour comedy pilot to UCP and his feature script Quick Quick Slow was a finalist in OUTFEST’s Screenwriting lab. Jett’s half-hour pilot Truncle is an autobiographical take on his own journey as a Transgender man going through second puberty later in life. Coming of age in Austin, Texas in the early 90s, Jett lived most of his early adulthood as a masculine of center Lesbian until coming out as Transgender. As a storyteller, Jett explores themes of queerness, chosen family and marginalized communities.

Current Project

Truncle (Pilot, Half Hour Dramedy)


A half-hour dramedy about a Transgender man who must navigate the perils and privileges of passing as cisgender while learning to date again post transition and divorce. He’s also learning how to be a Trans-uncle to his best friend’s boisterous 12-year-old son. What could possibly go wrong?