Talent Guide

Mirella Christou

  • Discipline:Writer
  • Program Year:Episodic Lab 2018, Grants and Awards 2018


Mirella Christou hails from Toronto, Canada where she led a previous life as a journalist before
entering the world of writing for the screen and stage. After attending NYU’s Tisch School of the
Arts, graduating with an MFA in dramatic writing, she was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Prize for
her script Seven Eternities, a one-hour television drama. Her feature screenplay made the
coveted “It List” of the best unproduced scripts in 2018 in Canada. Christou has written, directed
and produced films, most recently the short Lady Electric, a character-driven drama that has
picked up several awards and screened internationally. She’s most passionate about stories that
blur the space between fact and fiction.

Current Project

Seven Eternities


Seven Eternities follows Timothy Leary as he seeks to legitimize and evangelize psychedelic drugs, conducting ground-breaking yet controversial studies at Harvard, while being funded by intelligence conduits interested in psychological warfare.