Talent Guide

Mitch Larson

  • Discipline:Writer
  • Program Year:Screenwriting Lab 2007


Since writing an animated futuristic noir short film for a friend’s indie animation studio, Mitch Larson has been writing for animation, including as a staff writer on several series at Cartoon Network and as creator and producer of his own pilot, currently in production at the Disney Channel. He has written several scripts for hire, including the indie romantic comedy For Rent, an adaptation of Shawn Decker’s acclaimed memoir My Pet Virus, and an untitled comic book movie for Miramax Films with co-writer Tony Mosher. The short film Frijolito, Go!, also co-written with Tony Mosher, screened in festivals from Brooklyn to Beijing. Before working in animation, Larson worked in physical production at Miramax Films, where he worked on Sin City, The Brothers Grimm, and Killshot. Prior to that, he assisted director Mike Nichols on the productions of Angels In America and Closer.

Current Project

Down the Dirt Road (Narrative Feature)


A deadly confrontation forces small town meth addict Tab Richmond into hiding in the isolated, run-down farmhouse of two senile geriatrics. When he inadvertently befriends a troubled girl from the nearby town he is forced to choose between self-preservation and redemption.