Talent Guide

Rivkah Beth Medow

  • Discipline:Producer
  • Program Year:Documentary Lab 2019


Filmmaker Rivkah Beth Medow has created, directed, and produced award-winning documentary, broadcast, commercial, and non-profit productions for the past 14 years. Rivkah’s credits include Ahead of the Curve (Producer, 2020); Let Them Eat Dirt (Director, Producer, 2019); Being George Clooney (Producer, 2016: Festivals, Netflix); The Nine (Producer, 2016: Festivals); Sons of a Gun (Director, Producer, 2009: Festivals, PBS); Farming the Seas (Associate Producer, 2005 Festivals, PBS); and multiple films for the non-profits The Pachamama Alliance and Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. She has helmed two major Impact Engagement Campaigns for her films with over 100 strategic partners including Environmental Defense, NRDC, National Coalition for the Homeless, and National Alliance on Mental Illness. She lives with her daughters, partner, sister and sister-in-law in Oakland, CA.

Current Project

Ahead of the Curve


With a fist full of credit cards, a lucky run at the horse track, and a title that called to mind a certain French film star, Franco Stevens launched the best-selling lesbian lifestyle magazine ever published, making lesbians more visible both to each other and to the mainstream. Ahead of the Curve draws a through-line from the launch of Curve magazine in the early 90s to the vibrant creative visibility and intersectional community-building work within the lesbian and queer women’s community today.