Talent Guide

Shrihari Sathe

  • Discipline:Director, Producer
  • Program Year:Fast Track 2013, Fast Track 2022, Grants and Awards 2012, Grants and Awards 2019, Producing Lab 2011


Shrihari Sathe’s credits as producer/co-producer include No Land’s Man, The Sweet Requiem, Screwdriver, It Felt Like Love, Beach Rats, Duhktar, and The Cow Who Sang a Song Into the Future amongst others. Sathe’s feature directorial debut 1000 Rupee Note has received over 30 awards. His latest production Stay Awake world premiered at the 2022 Berlinale. Sathe has received fellowships from the PGA, IFP, Film Independent and The Sundance Institute to name a few. He is a recipient of the Cinereach Producer Award and Independent Spirit Award – Producer’s Award. Sathe is a member of the PGA, IMPPA and AMPAS.

Current Project



In the American Rust Belt, two boxers, an Arab teenager and a young black father, meet for their first pro boxing match; only one will survive.