Talent Guide

Vanessa Marin

  • Discipline:Director
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2009


Vanessa Marin has always had a general interest in documentaries, believing they have the power to educate while entertaining. In 2005 she was an intern at Robert Greenwald Productions/Brave New Films and the Creative Director at her local punk rock coffee shop, Cafe Kashmir. While working in post-production on Wal-Mart:The High Cost Of Low Price, she hosted screenings of the film at Kashmir. This collaboration led her to understand the power of grassroots organization.

Continuing with the screenings she began organizing more community events, and art and live music shows. Through these intense, fun, and personally involved projects she was motivated to direct her own documentaries, which she hopes will challenge others to think about social responsibility. Vanessa continues to bring a personal touch to each piece, never compromising her artistic vision.

Her film Disrupt the Silence conveys the necessity to communicate and stop all forms of abuse, whether physical, mental, or sexual. The film just had its first festival screening and received the award for Best Documentary. Vanessa just completed her BA in Digital Filmmaking at the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles this year.

Current Project

Panochakore (Documentary Feature)


In 2 weeks 14 women hit 11 cities and explore culture, identity, gender roles, and sexuality in Northern and Southern Mexico while touring with their three bands.