Talent Guide

Xuan Jiang

  • Discipline:Producer
  • Program Year:Documentary Lab 2014


Xuan Jiang graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (2001) and began television production work at News Corporation China. Eager to create stories of her own, Jiang entered the MFA program for Film Directing at California Institute of the Arts in 2004. There she wrote and directed her thesis film, August 15th (Ba Yue Shi Wu), winner of Honorable Mention at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, Best Short Film award in Newport International Film Festival, Best Actress in Tokyo Short Film Festival, Official Selection of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, among many others. Jiang’s interest in filmmaking grew out of her desire to explore stories and emotions she experienced while growing up in Beijing during a transformative post-cultural revolution era in China. She was intrigued by the stark contrasts developing around her – from the shifting traditional cityscape to a flood of new global influences. As a commercial director and producer in Beijing working on spots for Intel, Lenovo, and Malata, Jiang develops bright and radical concepts designed specifically for new digital mediums.

Current Project

Jiaolian (Coach)


Jiaolian is the story of 27 year-old Norman DeSilva, an American who overnight becomes the head coach for the Foshan Longlions, a unique basketball team comprised of Americans, Syrian and Chinese players. Together, DeSilva rallies his team to overcome their challenges in order to win a spot in the Chinese Basketball Association playoffs.